Monday, 18 June 2018

Pre the Trek-lite meet,June 2018

So that time of year came round for a meet up of Trek-lite members,the previous one was i remember a very wet affair,but came good on the 2 nd evening.After nearly a month and a half of sunny warm weather as the date approached some evil wizardy made short work of the weather pattern !

Sadly ? i couldnt make the Saturday meet,but did manage to meet up with 2 others on the Thursday and then Friday night.After work on the Thursday i nipped home quickly picked up my pack and drove up to Kentmere,by 4-30 pm i was heading upwards under a windy blue sky 

I was keen to get to the camp spot,which Paul had picked so i was up and over Kentmere pike and then Harter fell,i looked down and spotted Pauls shelter at the far end of Small water

Collecting water on the way down i choose the direct route straight down from the summit and by 6-15 pm i was saying to hello to "Mr Cuben"  ...Paul from Treadlite gear 

It was a fine evening with the odd little blow through but we spent most of the evening chatting and looking to see if any others might arrive here too

The night stayed mostly dry but windy with a few really big gusts trying to move the shelters through the night 

The day started dry and nice and after listneing to Pauls lullabys during the night and morning, we were heading up the pass a little after 9 am 

We passed the small shelters,near the tarn and chatted away as we made our way up to the wee shelter at the top, just before we left here we got hit by a hard cold shower,pushed in on a strong SW wind 

Sadly it was from this point i had to walk with a fella in a skirt !?%$£

 We arrived on High street after 11 ish and Paul said it would be rude to not have another coffee while we waited to see if Robin arrived,as he and Paul had planned 

Robin arrived and we had an early afternoon snack, while the clouds shot over us 

The wind was there but wasnt so strong now,it was nicely dry still too

Due to some noise the night before i choose to put several yards between me and Mr Treadlite,i had a look around and there was plenty of space if some of the rest arrived

We picked some spots to camp,using the wall as a handy windbreak and i checked on my phone to see where some of the others were, most seemed to be out and about in the area,enjoying the cooler fresher weather the meet was bringing 

Not long after pitching Robin found he had forgotten his important brew gear,so he decided to have a walk back down for it,me and Paul just chilled 

Que product placement,it was another new one to me and thankfully was really tasty again and hydrated well,i do find that adding a good 5 minutes to the times gives a better taste 

As Robin was away i kept an eye on his Scarp and walked back unto the summit and off the back of it 4 times just looking to see if i could see him or any others arriving 

The evening was ok but the wind kept up,not really strong but almost cold the temp never got much higher than 12c,sadly no more T.L s turned up 

During the night the rain came in and the wind picked up, sadly i had to be home to let Mrs D have her wknd trip away, so i said my goodbyes and was on the hoof just after 8 am

Sadly you could not even see the summit cairn in the morning 

Temp at 5 am

I still hoped the weather might ! blow through and give some inversion so i just followed my route back over the pass and then back up over Harter fell and Kentmere pike.Safe to say it was head down into a stiff and very wet wind 

 This fine old vehicle was sat in rain as i passed it again, by 10-30 i was back in the car and heading home, with a boot full of wet gear 

It was good to meet Paul and Robin,but a shame the weather spoilt it being a bigger meet up, next time 

Thanks for looking and safe travels Peter

Heres a vid of the trip

Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Grey Friar,wild camp June 2018

And the long summer ! of 2018 runs on,its been scorchee ohh in the Lakes for 6 wks now making for hot work when climbing hills with a rucksack.I had a family barbaque to get back to so i left home at 7-50 and at 8-30 am i was pulling on my trainers at the bottom of Conistons Youth hostel track

It was just 18c by the time i left the car so it was a slow walk up making it up as i went along, these falls are often just looked down on,being by the first bridge as you climb up into the Copper mines valley,a minutes walk down shows them in all there beauty

Although these first pictures dont really show it water is drying up in the Lakes with many streams and tarns dried up,this furry critter was enjoying one of the rare watered grass patches 

By Ten it was already 24c so i filtered and drank another litre, with the water levels being low and bits ive read recently im planning on filtering more of my water.

I followed a path up behing tht cottages and then followed an old water way round towards Levers water

Levers water was lower than ive ever seen it,i walked in to my knees to cool down then i had a look at some more of the old workings 

Not sure why but i decided to make my way up the left hand side peak,Raven Tor and then up onto Brim fell 

There were thunder storms forcast,luckily they never arrived but i did get my first rain shower in nearly 2 months 

From Brim fell i walked along to Swirl how then over  Great carrs and down to Little carrs,then skirted back to the col below Grey Friar.I hunted round and filled up all my water containers and had a good drink before making my way up to camp on Grey Friar 

Im really liking the A frame set up ive used these last few camps,made possible by me fitting two new lower section of pole,from some Liki Aergeron donner poles to Dave for finding the poles

It was roasting even up here, luckily i managed to pitch into a little breeze, by 8 pm it had cooled a little so i had my tea,another new one supplied by Basecamp foods.Move over Bla-Bland i now have a new favorite...

I watched the scenes around me and read a little then made my way back to the summit to watch the sunset 

As soon as the sun went down the temp dropped to a nice 14c and the lambs went mental, they were chasing each other all over the place and jumping over anything they could find ..the cooler weather was much nicer for us all 

I took the below pics around 11-30 pm the temp now a delightful 9c 

I woke around 4-15 am but couldnt be bothered to go look at the dawn and enjoyed another 45 mins in the cooler temps 

Looking over there was a bit of a heat haze/inversion towards the Hellvelyn range 

The Scafells always looks stunning to me form this view point 

I walked back up to Swirl how then down the Prison band and up onto Black sails summit

I choose to walk down the Red Dell valley and was shocked to see this boulder,which recently must have left the cliffs above ! Glad i wasnt any where nearby 

I watched these moths ? for a while before choosing to have a good cool down in one of the pools, they were a blue like colour 

Many have seen the crash site up on Great Carrs of the Halifax bomber that came down many years ago,for many years the engine lay where the wreckage was pushed, into the scree off Broad Slack 

Several years ago they lifted the engine out and brought it down to the Ruskin museum in Coniston village 

Im planning on getting out again on Thursday/Friday night so ill post this up as is and see if i get time to do the video footage before then
 Thanks for looking and safe travels Peter