Tuesday, 7 April 2020

Two nights on the Shap fells with my MLD Trailstar...2020

This trip was done before the lockdown we are all now under,i took myself off to the Shap fells,knowing it might be a while before we can all get out again.I saw no one friday, 6 folk at a distance for a few hours Saturday and no one again till driving back home, the route was all safe ground and most of it ive walked before 

 I finished work after dinner on the Friday and then drove over to the big lay-by on the A6 above Kendal town,leaving the car around 3 pm 

The skies were blue and the sun even shone for a while,but the slight wind that was about still carried a sharp bite

I walked upto Great Yarlside and then followed the high ground over to Harrop pike,the wind was a bit stronger as the day started to finish..15-25 mph winds had me mouch around for a while till i found a nice spot not far from the summit to pitch,out of the cold wind 

Id not long recieved a new version of my MLD Exodus pack,which i decided to get to replace my older one, although a bit narrower and taller it still carried as well as my old one 

It had been a while since id used my Trailstar so i reached for that,for this trip

Shelter up and knowing i wouldnt see anyone else out here,as it was early evening i dropped down a bit from camp and soon located some running water for camp 

I didnt get a great sunset but it did give some lovely after colour to the fells,it light the Howgills up very nicely too...only spoilt by the hard wind as the temp had dropped to -2.8c by 6-30 pm,so -11c WC

Tea was a new flavour that i had from Basecamp foods, it hydrated well and tasted superb,i like with the RT meals how you can rip off another section of the packaging once its cooked,making it less messy to get to eat

I brewed and kept nipping out and taking in the views but clouds stopped any night shots and held the temprature up some.Dawn also gave some great colour to the skies and hills,but it was still cold with the wind a bit stronger now 

I had a few brews as i decided where to go,settling on a nip across to Mosedale bothy first

No one was home,i made sure to wear a glove while opening the door etc.A wet pull up hill took me to the end of Longsladdale,i said hi to a mountain biker and then went for a vist to the great mine workings here, well worth a visit if youve not been before

I dont remember this man shaped tribute last time i was here,but it was winter and under snow so i was careful which bits i did visit 

From the mine its just follow the fence walk uphill to Kentmere pike summit,some big snow banks still hiding from the sun on this side 

Apart from the MB i had only seen a few folk and them then a mile away,as i followed the Horseshoe walk downwards from Kentmere pike to Shipman Knotts and the the main track i passed 3 groups of 2 people, who i easliy kept away from, just saying my hellos 

For some reason i did not take any pics after Kentmere pike, till i camped up.I dropped down into the valley then had what seemed to be a tough pull up again on the other side.After Shipmans Knott i did not see anyone else till the car.Once back on the other side of the valley i followed the fence lines back to my first nites camp,but pushed on to Great Yarlside 

From mid-afternoon the wind and temp had kept me moving most of the time,the windchill just biting at bare skin...id chosen to camp on Great Yarlside as it was here my furry pal Oscar dog had his last wild camp

Same as most camps shelter up i went of to find water and then get a brew on,id seen a lot of small groups of deer around over the past days and a few more were hiding further down from where i found runnig water 

Tea was a favorite from Bla Bland range followed by brews and some chocolate,reminising of the many great,and not so great,camps me and Oscar had had over the years we traveled together..
Night sky was a no go again and it was a short and slow walk back to the car wondering just when we will all get back to the places we love and need 

So lets all follow these lock down rules and stay home and safe...the fells, mountains,rivers and streams will be all that much sweeter when we can return 

Safe travels Peter

Thursday, 12 March 2020

Honister wild camp.March 2020

After one of the worse February's i can remember it was good to see a message pop up from Darron Linney,him and Max were up for a trip and did i fancy meeting up with them 

Its a drive right up thought the Lakes for me to get to Honister so i was away early, but as i had made good time i stopped on the roadside as i passed Derwent water,it looked to be the start to a nice day 

I waited for them on the last big lay-by/park area on the way up to Honister mine and after a short wait they arrived.Darren was full of a heavy cold,lent to him by one of his grandkids....Max was bursting to get out on the hills 

It was a still day as we climbed up past the mine works and then across to Dubbs hut,a quick look inside and Darren noticed that this hut had been visited,like all the others,by the guy who visited them all fitting a hook for coats to the back of the door

As we climbed a bit higher the wind picked up a bit and the temp dropped a little..been a while since ive worn Paramo but was very impressed with my new Velez jacket,wearing only a 165 merino Rab baselayer under it all wknd 

Our wanderings took us over Haystacks and then the steep pull up to High crag

The wind started to catch us more now but only in the 20's but had a bit of bite,the skies played with us sometimes showing hints of blue,then a little sun and then back to grey...but it stayed dry 

We had a good signal on the ridge so i checked the forecast,sadly as  was already forecast  the wind was going to get much stronger and the rain was to return again 

With the forecast not looking nice we cut the walk a bit short and looked for a place to pitch avoiding the worse of the big winds that were due in 

We found a spot to camp just where the faint path finishes on the left of this pic,on the West side of Red pike,which we hoped would allow us to at least catch a sunset 

Sadly just after we returned to our shelters with water for camp the clag came in,i left my door open but the cloud just came in,then teased a view then closed it down again 

Id brought my Duo XL along but the biting cold wind had me pitching it quickly and throwing up the inner, rushing to get a brew on

The highlight of the evening was a new flavour meal id bought from Basecamp foods this one a Real Turmat  Pulled pork and rice

Although more expensive than most other FD meals out there i have to say this was delicious,so much so i was soon scraping out the corners 

Darrons cold had wiped him out but he didnt miss much i had a walk around camp at 9 pm as the rain had cleared and we could see out to distnace lights but clouds hid the starrs.During the night the wind really picked up with lashing rain as we packed up and left we were subject to constant 30 with gusts to 50 mph .....fast and careful  packing and we headed for the valley floor 

After checking the forcast again later we decided to just head back to the cars,a shame but the forcast showed no let up,we decided against heading back via Dubbs hut due to the wind 

Even on the long slog back up Honister pass we were stopped a few times by big strong gusts rushing down the hill at us, a brew and cake at the cafe we dropped the last bit down to our cars...till next time Darron 

Thanks for looking all,safe travels Peter

If you play the video please select at least 720 or 1020 in the small cog wheel at top of vid ,for best quailty