Saturday, 1 June 2019

A camp on Red screes summit with my brother Ross .May 2019

 The night before i had been with some friends up on Wetherlam saying our goodbyes to a friend who had sadly passed,after a breakfast in her and mine favorite Coniston cafe Meadowdore,i said my goodbyes to them

I drove up and over to Hawkshead and met some of my family at Wray castle,from there i went with one of my brothers over to Ambelside 

Ross moved away many years ago and is now in Vancovour,it being two years since he had been home it was good to be out together on the hills i love 

It was only a short outing,we strolled up Scandale to the pass and then up onto Red screes summit,pitching in a spot ive used a few times ...last time had been with Geoff on a very wet outing !

All the lakes is very dry at this time but i was still surprised how dry the tarn was on the summit,id already hunted out and collected our camp water 

 The views were great and vast in nearly all directions as we chatted the late afternoon away 

I brought with me the MLD Trailstar for him to sleep in and i slept in my Duomid again 

Sadly for the 2nd night we didnt get much of a sunset but got some nice after light 

Id carried up some drink so we had that while chatting away and heating up water for tea,the wind still had a little bite but it was dry allowing us to sit out in the lee of my Duomid 

The next morning was full of the sounds of sky larks as we walked back down to the pass then across and up to High pike continuing over Low pike on our way back down to the car again 

A nice catch up just before he flew off for 2 weeks in Norway,taking my Trailstar with him.I will see him again for a week in 2 weeks time
This post and the video are more for mine and his memories than anything else 

                                           Video below  

                            Safe travels Peter

Monday, 27 May 2019

A farewell on Wetherlam

 Sadly someone i knew left the fells behind,some of us who knew her decided to spend the night on her favorite fell,in memory of the crazy woman 

 I met Ste and Dan in the afternoon and we walked up together, Jilly sherlock met us on the summit  

We were treated to a great inversion,which seemed poignant and then a lovely big moon too 

Someone had been up and left some flowers too....

It was a lovely evening to be camped up high and reflect and remember 

The morning started wet but was dry as we walked down to visit the cafe we all like in Coniston,Meadowdore
Pictures before are from Jilly

If anyone wants to make a donation,she wanted her collection to go to Coniston and Langdale mountain rescue teams or Cumbria Ore Mines Rescue