Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Langdale August 2018.Supermid wildcamp

Ive not got out as much this year with various things on the go etc, so with a trip in 2 wks too Scotland i thought id nip out for the wknd

It was a nice 8c on Saturday morning and i was on the hoof for a little before 8 am,it was a lovely morning in Langdale as i strided out up towards the end of the valley

MLD Exodus

The day started with some high cloud on the tops but it started to break up as i reached the top of Rosset gill path

The first people i saw were 2 runners taking the path up from here towards Bowfell,ive never done this path !
Its more often used on the Bob Graapham routes,so i decided now was a good a time as any,so upwards i went 

Its a nice path bit steep in places and kept dissapearing but was soon found again..gave some very different views of the surrounding hills 

There were a couple on Bowfell so after a bite to eat i went for a look at the "The Great slab" so often ignored for the summit 

Then came the best mile of ground in Lakeland,a crossing of the Crinkles taking in all of the tops that make it so interesting 


After the Crinkles i strolled out to camp on Cold pike.For this trip i decided to take the MLD Supermid out for an airing 

Two of my favorite items this year..My down AsTucas quilt and this LYO meal (Beef Stroganoff ) supplied by Basecamp foods 

New for the trip were these s/h Altra's they preformed very well 

The Supermid its fair to say is huge 

It had been a good walk out and the rain had held off..a strange noise had me searching the skies,nearly missed them
It was the RAF Red Arrows display flying below my camp, they then went on to lay a line of smoke along Lake Windemere

Excuse the pics but i only had my phone and Gopro for pics 

One of my favorite meals from LYO 

The rain landed around 7pm and landed hardhat lashed down and blew hard nearly all night,with no let up in the morning until 30 mins after id packed and set off 

There was a few brief clearings so i decided to go over Blisco on my way back to the car,on the chance it cleared 

It didnt clear till i dropped off the other side, all the rivers were noisly carrying all the rain water back doen to the valley floors

Got to love the shape of this mighty valley 

A map of the walk and a video if your bored ...Safe travels and thanks for looking