Thursday, 4 October 2018

A friend (Chrissie) was walking through the Lakes for the last wknd of Sept,so i agreed to mmet her, initially it was to be for 2 nights but she mate a few late changes so i had a walk on my own on the Thursday and then walked back dwon to Grasmere in the morning to meet her 

I set off late as my parcel from mld had finally left customs and was ready for collection, sadly Royal mail have rules that must never be brocken ! So it was an 11 am start without a new shelter

With rushing id not checked the forcast again and had dressed for the colder the weather they had mentioned earlier in the week

But it was a stunning day to be out sweating or not..Allock tarn was stunning as it normally is 

 After the tarn i cut across to the Fairfield range, sadly by the time id summited Heron pike i could see bad weather chasing me won the race towards Great Ring

Id pitched on Fairfield by 4 pm and brewed up as the rain and wind lashed my shelter,a few hours later and the rain cleared out and there was some lovely late evening light 

Looking to the Kentmere horseshoe 

Tea was another from Real Turmat..Beef was stunning a thanks to Basecamp foods 

Sunset seemed to be far away and a cold wind made for cold hands after hoped it would stay clear but sadly high cloud blocked out any night skies

Shelter far right 

Dawn was rather nice, with lovley light and cool at 1 c .But the wind still dropped that down to -2.8c....but the colours were superb 


St Sunday

I,d left the summit by 8 am and met Chrissie at 10 am just outside the village,it was now a lovely 16c as we walked up the C2C path upto Grisedale tarn

It was a lovely walk up too

When we arrived we were met by Dale who had walked up to camp with us too

It was anothe early camp but such a lovely evening 

Thankfully it was a clear night and the stars,plus a lot of shooting stars were out in force, until the moon started to wash the sky out 

This is called the "Twonk" effect 

The next morning was cool but lovely none the less,as it was my sons birthday i made  an early dart from camp to see him

Mrs Twonkette and the mighty Sir Twonkalot 

Thanks for looking and safe travels ...theres a link to a vid below..sadly Youtubes new stupid rules and settings keeps removing my music so no sound on this to select 1080 HD before viewing