Wednesday, 17 April 2019

Two days up and round from Garsdale,North Yorks

The Holiday season makes the Lakes busy,so i decided on visiting some new ground,so ended up making a loop from Garsdale in the North Yorks...

I was there early so that i could check out some parking,Lee arrived  at 7 pm and we were soon following the sun up the valley as it headed downwards,taking the temprature with it 

The ground was really rough and it took some finding to get a flattish area to pitch up,but we found one in the shape of a quad bike track 

The night brought a good frost of 3.7c and the shelters had a heavy coverign of frost in the morning..i should mention that the wid was with us from the that we were constantly in a minus windchill,for all of the 3 days we were here 

Even with the biting wind we had some great views in all directions  as we packed our gear away 

Having not been to this area before i was keen to grab a few peaks,this being the case my route had a big "Dog leg" as we headed right out to Great Shunner Fell

The wind had been at us all day so when we reached High Seat we decided to head round to the West side to try and get out of the wind,we partly managed this and it was nice to sit in the shelters and brew up

It looked like we would get a belting sunset but cloud swallowed up the sun,a bit of nice glow but a no show, the temperature dropped quickly

A Summit to Eat meal in two wraps made an excellent filling meal,chased down with a few more brews and some Lakeland Toffee Vodka

The night brought another nip down to -3.8c and with no sunshine at camp we packed quickly and went to hunt for a way down the cliffs so we could cross the valley.The church at Outhgill had some lovely Yew trees at its entrance

We climbed up to Little Fell and then, into a strong wind,gusts at times too 50 mph , onto Wild Boar fell

From there we just followed the ridge along to Swarth Fell,hiding behind the wall for dinner

All that was left then was down hill to the cars

A nice 27 miles and 6500 ft of ascent 

Thanks for looking.......Safe travels peter

Thursday, 4 April 2019

A Central spine walk,with a wild camp on Randerside March 2019

Although I chat online with Matt often I had not seen him for two years,and that was as he rushed to get on his train home after a trip we all did too Sweden,so it was good to have a catch up

Luckily he had a wknd off so I plotted us a rough route out and we met around 7-30 am at the top of Dunmail riase

Unfortunately we walked up into a thick clag,which did at times promise of inverting or even clearing but sadly didn't till we were well past Hellvellyns summit area

It had been a cold walk along the tops but we at least got some clearing out of the clag and by the time we dropped of the main ridge it had cleared out to give some views

Matt had brought his MLD Duomid while I had brought its big brother the XL with the new prototype solid walled inner i was testing out

Both were soon pitched and instantly cut off the cold windchill as we sorted gear and had a few brews

Sadly we didn't get a sunset as the clag came back and apart from a lost walker,who I tried to help ! we never saw a soul which was nice

My tea came was consumed speadily and as I lay back on my matt I heard the start of the rain,which stopped after an hour or so,but left us still in clag

Luckily a venture out to drain fluids some time after 10 pm revealed a nice sky,so we were both out taking pics as the cloud covered and revealed the cloudy starry night

Advert ! Food supplied by the excellent Basecamp foods as normal

The wind was a still fresh and gave abiting windchill but we did get a bit of nice light,even if a distant bank of cloud tried to deny us any colour

The wind still had its bite but it was lovely day to be up high in the mountains 

Credit to Matt Holland for this pic

It was a nice walk back the same way,thankfully clear this time so Matt could see the views he had missed the day before

 Picture above showing the short section at the top of Swirals and the snow free ridge behind,but one slip here would end nastily

                               Swiral and Striding edge ridges

Mr Holland enjoying the excellent views we were treated to on Sunday

We took the path down towards Wythburn church then back up to the cars..  a good stroll out    

Links to video i took

Thanks for looking and Safe travels