Friday, 27 March 2015

A Wasdale walk and wild camp

looking back down the valley on route to meet some new outdoor peeps.....Ste and Chris

A flat calm Irish sea simmering int sun

Really impressed with this pack,even when i over load it with an extra 4 litres off water for camp

Oscar waiting for me to put the shelter up        

A very good motto

Stunning late afternoon   
lovely blue skies
Sun starting to leave us slowely

Lovely pitch between twin tops of Red pike
Sunsetting behind Haycock
Wasdale valley bottom ,looking along way down
Great Gable pre-dawn
MLD Shelters
Cuben face
Best part of the day
Gossamergear Marisopa ready for the off again
Photo bombed
Mr Taylor
Lee on ridge near Steeple
Oscar the mountian dog enjoying the views                                                                  
MLD Trailstar and a Duomid         
Flatter than it looks on here
Scoat fell 

MLD Duomid


Heres a link to a short vid i made too

And heres a link to amp and gpx

evening brew and what a great view

Just after sunrise,looking to Gable about -4c


Oscar ready for his tea now camp is made