Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Twenty Fifteen wild camps

So the years wild camps started over on High Raise on the 4th of Jan

The 5th of Jan started well too

The next camp came  Jan 31st  with a camp on Calf crag 

Lee Taylor

Oscar the Mountain dog

A change in Duomid shelters from Sil to Cuben,prompted the next outing on the 20th Feb with a camp on Grey Frair 

A rather bleak Brim Fell summit

View near Dow crag

Next camp on 14th March and  was as grey as i felt.. full of a virus and felt like crap 

Camp below Yoke 

Next up was a camp on Red pike summit Wasdale and a cracking nite   21 st March

Lee Taylor

Outcrop near Steeple

Next camp was on 4th April with Ste Mack a guy who id chatted with on forms,so we agreed to meet up for a camp....top chap too   ..... camp was on Thornthwaite crag summit

The picture above/below were taken at 4 am

Few weeks later on the 17th April saw me with Lee again for a 2 nite trip on the Middle spine of the lakes,with a quick meet with Andy,Martin and Kieth between camps



May 16 th and a camp with Ste and Lee again on the Grasmere fells 

June 6th gave forcast for gales over the tops so we hatch a plan to camp behind the wall on Branstree after a very windy walk over from Limefit 

After an online discussion about Cuben,Ste asked about a big meet up to see various diff shelters, on June 12 th we did a 2 nighter with 5 of us meeting up the first nite and another 2 coming to the 2nd nites camp ....

Camp on Wetherlam

A misty 2nd nites camp,near Three tarns

 It wasnt till July 3rd that a wild camping trip to Scotland came to be,a trip from Corrour over to Ben Alder bothy and back via a few more LUMPS

 My first trip to  the Howgills brought us two great camps over the wknd of 24th July

7th of August and a 2 nite trip from Hartsop

 August 28th and using train a walk over Black Combe,camp.Then back via Devoke water and Ravenglass

So September came around and lee had a trip planned for Scotland,late minute i got a wks pass so ...i chatted with lee and changed his route to visit the  Knoydart Munros and surrounding ones too

We ended up with the best six days straight weather ive ever had in Scotland

Two days were above the cloud 

Location and good friends 

End of Sept the 26th had us camping on High Rigg on a Fairfiled Horseshoe circuit 

And so due to the relentless wet weather we caome to sadly what was to become the last camp of the year.Due to work its not often Matt Holland can get oout with us,but finally we got together and had a camp over on the Far Eastern fells    Foot note made a mistake this wasnt the last camp the next one is..ooopsee 

Bit distorted due to Gopro,but all Cuben Goodness 

Ooops 3 bits of Seans goodness all in one shot 

And now we come to real last camp,made a mistake this camp on Rannerside on 31 Oct was the last one

After rain all day it cleared as we approached our planned camp spot,and it all worked out again

So all in all not a bad 2015,only 28 nites wild camping but according to the digital gizmos a total (inc Day walks)  off 777 miles with 278,074 feet of ascent and 541 peaks climbed spread over 51 seperate trips

Thanks to Viewranger and Social hiking for saving me form having to fill in written logs anymore

To those ive camped with thank you for those i havent,maybe next year.....Safe travels Peter and Oscar the Mountain dog