Thursday, 19 May 2016

Some fresh lakeland ground ! Blengdale too Yewbarrow

   Lee had stayed over in Wasdale so we left his car at the bottom of  Yewbarrow and drove mine across to Gosforth

 I,ve looked out across the barren moorland/woodlands  that heads to the coast from Caw a few times and wandered about sometime visiting this area,today was the day

A play with social hiking map showed an array of remote Birketts so i plotted a route between them all,bringing us up onto Caw for a camp 

 I,d recently caught a comment about a Tramplite shelter,maybe being for sale (sadly wont work for me and Oscar) so i mentioned it to Lee..its a stunning shelter

 The day was a great wander,with lots of pathless ground and great views all around,the wind had a sharp bite when it blew in,but camp saw the temp raise up to 16c in the sun,with a grass frost over night

Tea was another from James at Basecamp foods and it was fantastic,was great tasting,rehyrated brilliantly and good fill too,prob my favorite of the Bla Band range.Meals were all paid,after Ste had give me one to try a few months ago,from his friend the mad Kate !

 All Cuben Goodness for Mr Taylor

 The morning started early with dawn coming on before 5 ! but it was a bobby belter..a nice distant inversion all around us ...

We were away early and followed onto Haycock and Red pike,then straight up the front of Yewbarrow and then the horrid descent back down to the car...a great trip and for a change,got to cover some new ground..

                                                     Heres a link to the Social hiking map

Heres my Gopro vid of the trip,thanks for viewing and safe travels Peter and Oscar the mountain dog