Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Poolewe too kinlochewe Day 3 & 4

 So day three started nice again,blue  skies nicely laced with moving clouds,we had chatted about routes back towards Loch Fada but happily agreed to not drop to Loch an Nid and then head round to Fada

We dropped down Coire nan Clach then headed southwest to past the small lochs to drop back down around 065720,some lovely wild ground no pathes just deer and lovely grass.

 Sadly i failed to "Leave no trace" at this camp spot

 Ive been to Loch Fada a few times and its such a beautiful wild loch,so we sat a while and had a second breakfast 

 We crossed the outflow and started down Gleann Bianasdail,but we left the path at roughly 035685 and just headed upwards,a bit rough in places but its great to make your own way over wild ground

 Loch Fada beach from about half way up Slicoch

 The views from this great mountain ( Slicoch ) were as good as last time i passed this way,the only worry was the thunder storm we could see and hear over the Fannichs to the East of us,luckily it stayed away

Looking down to our last wild camp spot on the shores of Loch Maree

 It was a stunning camp and very very warm,but a nice breeze came down the Loch and filled our shelters

 Great tea again,these were bought from James at Basecamp foods

 32.7 c !

 Our last day started with low cloud and that bloody cuckoo who plagued us the whole trip ! This time he had two friends and was in full cry by 3-40 am ..we gave up with sleep and put a brew on but sadly the "devils" were out.head nets on we packed and left,an hour and we were back in the car and heading home

 We stopped at the old truckers cafe between Kingussie and Newtmore,they also had showers

For general info

               Day 1 :  25k   1359m ascent
                  Day 2 :  11k   1135m ascent
                  Day 3    19k   1066m ascent
              Day 4    5k     114m    ascent

 Heres the last video of the trip,thanks for watching hope you enjoyed it