Thursday, 15 September 2016

Helvellyn ridge with a wild camp Sept 2016

We only had time for another short trip,so we left my car at St Johns vale and drove Lees up to Dumial Raise

The route took us down to the Birkside Gill which was looking good with all Fridays rain in it.Striding edge was its busy self but other than the summit it was reasonably quiet

The ground was pretty dry  but the streams we crossed (Can see in video more) were showing the effects of the very heavy rain we had Friday night

We choose to camp on Randerside,close by the summit,camped here a few times,litte did we know that some "Trek-Lite" members were camped up on Stybarrow Dodd summit

I had one of these sent to try from a nice young late,WOW is al,id say the best tasting FD meal ive tasted..lets hope someone can get them at a good price


It had been a nice day with a little breeze and nice blue clouds floating around,max temp I saw was a warm 18c

It turned into a nice evening but the temp followed the sun down

         Lees Tramplite shelter catching the last of the days rays

Pics are a little mixed up and are a mix off the phone,an old Lx3 and the night shots came off my Gopro

I had planned to take some night pics with my camera aswell as the Gopro but the low ish temp and a fresh wind made for some cold hands

Did enjoy taking the Gopro pics using Wi-Fi on the phone !

We had a pretty good dawn too and were away fro 7-30 missing the Trek-Lite lads somewhere....

Now the twist ....back to my car for 10 am (lee wanted to be home for 12 and I wanted to be home for 11,as I had a car to go and look at in Yorkshire) as we approached the car I remembered were my keys were......sadly in Lees glove box   DOH   .tries thumbing it upto Swirls carpark then took the forest track back to the car an extra 9 k I didn't need..walked the uphills ran the downs and flats...sod this running lark

So if any wants a solid,reliable walking mate.....think Lees looking for a new walking mate !!

Heres a pic of route and a link

Heres the video,thanks for looking Peter and Oscar the mountain dog !