Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Kentmere to Kidsty pike,wild camp

Forcast for the wknd was average at best,but with chance of a quick call and I met up with Lee Taylor,new for this trip was a s/h MLD Supermid that we have now gone halves on 

We met at Stavely Wier and left one car there then drove mine up the valley to park next to the church in Kentmere

Mostly we were in clag but we had a few clearings and a great Fog bow too

We both took our Hyperlite gear packs,which were mainly bought for a longer trip planned for late August

One of my favourite valleys,sadly now minus its Golden eagle

We pitched on Kidsty pike summit,the shelter was huge,but for some reason I didn't take any more pics of it really.Was strange sharing a shelter after a lot of recent years only sharing with mt Trusty ....Oscar the mountain dog

It cleared a bit in the evening and we stood out chatting and looking for a while cloud covered Hawes water and odd clouds moved around slowly in the valley below,th cloud above moved a bit quicker and a harsh wind chill soon had us back inside


"Leave no trace "

The dawn was much better than we expected,but distant cloud killed any colour and by the time we left High Street the clag was well in and again

Just as we left Yoke it tried to clear but sadly it never came

Thanks for looking,safe travels Peter