Thursday, 29 June 2017

Wasdale two nights and a Trek-Lite meet up.June 2017

The date had been set a while back for a Trek-Lite meet up, but as the date approached the weather took a nasty dive, after a long warm spell of good weather!
I packed Friday afternoon and after an hour and a bits drive i was parked up along the Wasdale road for 3-30pm 

I got sorted and reached for my footwear !  Ooops seems I've brought two left La Sportiva Wildcats ....a mix match of footwear was called for 

Nothing much to say about Fridays weather, lets just say it started to lash down 5 mins from the least the new Crux jacket got a good testing.We only stopped once on the way up the wind rain and thick crag didn't warrant stopping for anything, but a short stop.The only plus being iwas able to pick up water from camp only 50 metres below my camp on the coll, between Haycock and Scott fell

It stayed wet nearly all evening apart from a brief lull around 9 pm,i stretched my legs, had a pee and returned to my trusted shelter

The rain finally ran out about 6-30am, as i had a very handy wash line nearby, i hung some bits out to air,Oscars bed had got a bit wet as he had been as wet as an Otter the previous night 

It was a lazy start watching the wind push the clouds up and over the ridge lines i was to follow, as i walked slowly on to meet the Trek-Lite members over on KirkFell

 I followed the ridges along going up over Scoat fell and then over Pillar from there I followed the route up the back of Kirkfell, its really washed out and proved a bit loose in places.Oscar had to be lifted out of main gully at the top,interesting as i had a full backpack and then a 36 kilo dog to lift up !

Gable watched on as i pitched early waiting to see if the others arrived, one arrived ( Neil ? ) and we waited together under the Trailstar as a few more heavy showers passed over

The mist came in and outs we missed the arrival of a few more members who were sat waiting by the tarns...hellos were exchanged and it was decided to camp near the Tarns 

As the afternoon moved on more appeared and pitched up with the late arrivals taking us to 11members in 10 shelters, was good to move around chatting to people I've only chatted to online, but wrong to be camped with so many people ? 

The evening thankfully stayed dry but a fresh wind kept things rather cool 

Oscar would like to say a big thank you to everyone who rubbed his belly or scratched his head, his nose seen here making an appearance as someone (Rog ?) had a nice smelling breakfast snack 

We even got a nice bit of light later on 

After a wet and pretty windy night, we all met up and chatted as we packed and ate, most of us headed down to Beckhead then most turned to Ennerdale 

Me and Neil ?  headed down together too Wasdale, calling in to see the Church on our way, we said our goodbyes at the campsite and i carried on the last few kilometres to my car

                       A screen shot of route i took and a video 

 Thanks for looking Peter and Oscar