Tuesday, 17 October 2017

A wild camp for Oscar dog,Shap fells Oct 17

I knew this time would come but i always thought it would come on more slowly, than it has.When he was two years old he damaged  the ligaments in his shoulder when running in a forest and coming to a stop "In a pile of wood" very quickly, it took a month before he stopped limping

So roll on another 8 yrs of year round wild camping, sometimes (according to viewranger and Social hiking) he did 200 too 300 thousand feet of ascent a yr.Which has i guess has taken its toll 
About 2 months ago he left the back door of our house landed briefly on the decking,3 steps down then clearing the next 5 steps he landed with a bump on the lawn, but that cat didn't half move quickly :)
We've had a few trips to the vets, they are certain its arthritis and he's now on full dose of Metacam a day and 200g of Tramadol and still has a bad limp, but with these pills he can now manage a 30-40 minute walk with Jill in the mornings 

After 2 months this was his first trip to the hills, safe to say he looked like he was going to burst with joy, it was moving to see him so happy to be on the hills again


The Shop fells is normally where i hide through the summer months, to help avoid the chocked up roads

There was some lovely light falling on the fells and with a few stops we arrived on Great Yarlside summit, having already seen a few groups of stags and heard a little of the bellowing 

I had a play at taking a few night shots, but the full moon dawned and that was the end of that !

With no place to got was a very late start away from camp, which was used watching the morning mist roll around

A slow amble brought us back to the cars and home again,i think ill try and take Oscar out for a wild camp once a month still, just to help him remember his very many great adventures 

A quick short vid of trip, thanks for looking and safe travels