Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Extended Fairfield horse shoe & wild camp Nov 17

With my furry friend not able to make the fells anymore, i had to put up with my friend Lee's company for this trip, but he is very good company

We didn't meet till 9-45, but once parked up we were soon off, to make it a bit longer we walked down and then up over Snarker pike and then onto red Screes summit, before a drop to the pass and a last pull unto to the main ridge again

 We saw and caught the edge of a few of the showers you could see roaming over the fells with many rainbows to be seen near and far. Once back up onto the main ridge of Dove crag the Northerly wind made itself known and had us reaching for gloves and zipping up tops 

We picked up water close to camp and were soon brewing up each in our own shelter

There was some great light but sadly some cloud out in the west closed down our view of the sunset,so i wondered back to my shelter and had another brew watching the clouds race over the top of us

You could tell that the clouds were full of snow by the dark colour of them coupled with the falling temperatures.The first came in around 7pm and for a few hrs they were really heavy and intense.The hard North wind hammered them into our shelters as we sat and scoffed our tea , i had another excellent pasta meal form Bla Bland bought from Basecamp foods 

A full moon could be seen behind the clouds so i tried to get a few night pictures as the wind did its best to numb my finger ends 

In the distance and carried on the wind could be seen and heard the fireworks displays going off at various points of the compass

Dawn came late,as is the way of the short Nov/Dec days so id had a few brews before some colour had me leaving my down bag, and trying to capture some pics, sadly not much snow had fallen 

The temp was just above freezing but he wind was up a bit and had a real bite to it 

 It was a nice dawn,until i walked over to Lee,s shelter to find him cooking bacon ! being a good sort i did get a nice bacon wrap of him

Leaving no trace of my camp was a little hard to do this morning 

We wondered up and over Fairfield,suprised at the lack of people then we followed the ridge and met the first of the other hill folk near Heron pike,racing to catch the first of this seasons white dusting,the wind was still  biting but the views were good 

And then we were on Nab Scar and the sharp drop down towards the roads and as we dropped the temp rose up and it was a warm walk back to the cars 

Heres a screen shot of the route and a short video of the walk, sadly it looks like not many of these blog posts or videos will feature my faithful hound Oscar anymore,as arthritis has taken a strong hold of one of his front legs, but i hope to get him out for a short walk and wild camp in a wk or travels Peter


             Ive put two links to video ups that at least one should work on whatever device your viewing on, as always best viewed in HD,for some reason you-tube seems to default to 480   

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