Thursday, 21 December 2017

Helvelyn too Fairfield Dec 2017

We had wanted to get another camp in but the forecast was for winds to build and crag later in the day, followed by rain in the mornings we settled for a day walk in stead 

We met at Rydal church and i drove us over the pass and down to the little church at Wythburn,soon suited and booted we chatted away as we climbed and the valley slowly shrank below us, sadly cold rain/heavy drizzle hit us about 20 mins after setting off and followed us up to the summit of Helvelyn summit

The snow had come on some winds and as it started to clear we could marvel at the strange shapes and in places very big cornices that it had formed 

We were even treated to a nice fog bow, always nice to see

Luckily 😇 i convinced Lee to follow the stream line you can see on the right of the face and then follow our own steps upend across to Cofa pike was tough going 


Thanks for looking pics are just off phone and a few grabbed of Gopro vids...Safe travels Peter