Thursday, 19 April 2018

Braithwaite loop April 2018

For this trip i traveled up through the heart of the Lakes to start from Braithwaite,a drive up early doors was a joy and i was there in  just over an hour.

Lee soon arrived and we were off,the first peak was to be Hobcarton End a Birkett we both needed, so we wondered through the forest in a weaving line till we could head upwards

The day was dry with high cloud and only a little wind at first,we followed the ridges round and onto Hopegill Head

The original idea had been to carry on over towards Robinson,but it looked like we would get a great sunrise and neither of us had camped on the summit of Grasmoor,so we changed tack 

We pitched up around 4 ish and it was a cracking evening and nice sunset too

Tea was my last one,from my last bulk buy and was very tasty,ive had 4 of these now 

As Tucas quilt in prime position for tonights sleep

The wind had got up a little but there was some nice light

Above is the colour still in the sky over an hour after sunset,below the only night pic i got that was sharpish.The wind had got up ealier than forcast and was blowing a good 30-40 mph the temp dropped down to around 4c 

 Dawn was muted and very windy,id had a bit of a problem around 12-1 am as the wind had pushed my Pacer pole handles further into the ground,causing it to flap,i finally dressed and walked to the summit cairn and returned with two large flat stones,those in place the noise left and i could sleep again

Thankfully it was treat breakfast again 

The wind was fierce and constant as we carried on over Crag hill and Sail.Lee needed the Birkett on the end of Causey pike ridge so we headed that way,but the wind at times nearly stopped you in your tracks.Mr Tramplite we saw was in the area but sadly we missed bumping in to him.Hes up for a rather long walk around all these mountains, in a weeks time...tough walk but a tough fella ...good luck Collin

 Day 1 came in at 15k and 1361 m Acent 
 Day 2 came in at 11k and 673 m Ascent

The drive home was sadly over 35 minutes longer,but it was a good trip and dry all the way round too

Heres a video i did of the trip,thanks for looking and safe travels Peter

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