Thursday, 7 February 2019

Lakeland winter wonderland,wild camp on Castle How Feb 2019

With a recent house move under my belt, most days and evening have been spent working on the house,so it was good to get out to recharge the senses 

I met Lee just outside Grasmere and we chatted away as we strolled past Sour Milk and up into a winter wonderland

 The snow was a good depth & cover and with the sun out it was a pleasure to be out covering ground

We pulled up past Codale tarn and then had a break..i,ve always loved the view over too the Langdales from here

It had been hard work in the snow and with another possible,snow dump due on the A66,Lee was keen to get an early start,to his drive back home 

We pitched up on Castle How on a lovely spot,shelters up we set off to find some water,after 15 Mins we found some and with a few good kicks it was soon running

While the sun was up it was almost warm in the shelters as we brewed away the late afternoon and early evening 

The wind wasn't hard but with the low temps it had a nasty bite to it, we lost the sunset to distant hills but as we thought,we were treated to some great light across the valley

The light gave soft glow to the Hellvelyn range with Fairfield getting the last kiss of heat 

The wind and coldish temp(-4c)gave a nasty windchill so i hide in my bag for a while,a shout from Lee had me stick my head back out

I was very soon back in and pulling on layers and grabbing my camera, luckily the wind dropped off after 10 mins so i stayed out for an hour or more,taking a pic,then getting the feeling back in my fingers again

Ive seen alot of night skies, but this was one of the best ive had for many a year....the Milky Way clear as a bell

I think i caught some meteors in this shot ? 

Dawn came by the hands on the clock rather than coloured skies,but we did spy a little colour under the dark heavy clouds that covered the skies 

It was nice to get out in some nice snow,topped of with a great night sky,thanks for viewing 
   Safe Travels peter 

Heres a link to the video i did,im doing them with out music now as Youtube is being painful 


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