Thursday, 8 January 2015

TGO Challenge TRIO finally all got out together on the 11,12th October 2014

We met up at hartsop and walked up to Hayes water then up over the Knott then north along the ridge and out too Loadpot hill,there wasnt much view till we turned round and started to walk back south again

So me and +Lee Taylor were in our Trailstars and +Matt Holland had brought his Duomid,for me to have a noisy at

After the cloud of the 1st 2/3rds of the day the last 3rd turned into a lovely evening

And an even better night

Then th moon rose and washed out the stars,it was almost daylight like

Pre-dawn and time for the 1st brew

To top it off we got a good inversion over windemere from Thornthwaite crag


  1. Good trip that Peter, great pics. They look better here than on Twitter IMHO of course!