Saturday, 1 August 2015

First ever trip too the Howgills,a 2 nite trip

Sorry photos are a mess but some off gopro others off my phone and im strugling to get them in order so there a bit here and there...
Link above to the video i made 

Link below shows more detail

 So as is the norm with my posts,its picture heavy and word short..We started out from Ravenstonedale around 7-15 and were moving out by 7-30 pm a nice evening

Nice summit camp on Green fell

It clouded up over nite but came out nice just after 6

Early sunday
Sunday morning
Id already slackened off guys to let wind shake some dew off,is why it looks slack
Saturday nite
Saturday nite

Great letter box sunset,Friday nite        

Fridays sunset on Green fell

MLD Goodness

After a nite of cloud,this was rather nice not long after sunrise

Some great valleys too

Had 20 mins of rain just before pitching Saturday nite
Its a dogs life

Sunset at camp on Yarlside summit

Bit big for summer ,but still a great and light carry Gossamear Gear Marisopa sack


Dawn on Yarlside
Sawyer supply vital fluids

Dawn sunday morning

Dawn sunday
Nice suprise about 20 mins after sunrise

Early sunday

Second nites camp on Yarlside summit

Dawn Sunday morning

Tired pouch enjoying a snooze on his Oooktub