Sunday, 20 September 2015

A friend had  a weeks holiday planned for wild camping in Scotland,and my wife was kind enough to allow me to attend,so a bit of emailing and id managed to change his plans completely (sorry Lee) and i had a plan for 5 nites and 6 days through the rough bounds of Knoydart and beyond a little....   

The start of a beautiful walk out too Barisdale bay

Barrisdale bay,where we collected some Mussels and cooked them up with fresh garlic in the bothy 

The next morning started in cloud but before we had brewed we were treated to a great inversion,which just got better all for the days when we can no longer reach these places

The green ones my Cuben Duomid and the other my good friend Lee's cuben Liar

So the next day soon cleared to start two days above the clouds   


The Cullins as the lonely cairn on Ladher Bheinn,looks on

A distant "Big Ben"

Ladhar Bheinn


So after a great,and packless walk out too Ladher Beinne and back we picked up our packs and moved on.Last time i was here (with Chris)  i camped on a nice shoulder at 700m on the south side of Luinne Bheinn

Lee enjoying !! a brew with his head net in place....they had been ok as evening started the wind died and they came out for a feed

Meall Bhuidhe looking down on our camp

MLD Cuben Duomid

A place from which memories are made,great views,fabulous location,whisky and good company ....ohh and a head net !

"We come in peace "

       So that was sunday and Monday...more to come thanks for looking


  1. You'd better never go back...because it'll never be that good again!
    Thanks for sharing

  2. I know,I said the same..I've never had six days in a row with that good a weather pattern..

  3. You were blessed. Well caught on camera mate.