Sunday, 27 September 2015

Fairfield horseshoe,with a wild camp on Great Rigg summit

Due to Sons away game with Basketball i only had a little time to squeeze in a quick camp...leaving at 3-30pm Saturday and back to car for 11-30 am Sunday ....


I only did a short vid and took a few pics...Anti-clockwise from the church and just in time to camp,just ! before the sunset  16c down too 7c   sunday much the same

Just messing about with some night shots   

Duomid post-sunset

Fairfield nite shot 


What a shame we cant all watch every day start like this

Guard dog at dawn camp 

Bit blurry,soz

The pics below are just off my phone 


Growing older  :(

First brew of the day

Ambelside about 7-15 am 

That Lee Taylor mountain companion