Tuesday, 3 November 2015

A Damp Halloween

So this Halloween we decided on a linear route,so i met Lee at Dunmail Riase and drove mine down St Johns Vale,which has some stunning autum colours again this year.We left my car in the small layby close to the start of the landrover track that pass,s North of Clough Head

                                          A short vid,wasnt much to film apart from camp

Map and stats info from Viewranger and Social hiking apps

         Decided to bring my old trusted friend out

 We had started out at 8 am and were in clag by Clough head,the day stayed the same with some drizzle and rain thrown in.It wasnt till after we had left Birket fell that it cleared out

It was a very wet dog that needed toweling dry before he went to his bed

 So after sunset,which was hidden from us at our camp on Rannerside it clouded in,but did clear during the night but there was moisture every way,had to clean lense between every shot

One of the things ive always loved about the trailstar is the fantastic view regardless off the weather.Sat or laying in down with a nice mug of coffee or soup

 In order but pics just of my phone,above pics off BIG camera

 we were sheltered,mostly,from the wind but the clouds were moving really fast,really nice to watch 


Love my Pacer poles

 Was also the first trip out with the new inner,but under the Trailstar,fit was ok...But do think i like using the TS with a tub floor more,i think


 We had a little colour at 6 am but then clag came in so no pics on sunday,cleared at 1-30 as we drove car back too St Johns vale to pic other car up 

Thats it ........

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