Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Duomid mini mod 2

So this is a work in progress mod,as i need to try it in the snow first..Last nite was first its been dry this week so i shot into the garden as soon as i got home and got the Duomid up...then it started raining !!

 So a good friend who walked across Scotland with me was kind enough to knock me these 3 Cuben tabs up for me,ta Matt Holland

So the other item i used was this foil blanket that i bought two years ago off Ultralight outdoors and its lasted really well,very tough and worth the money 

 The last item was 3 S clips that i think i took off an old SL3 floor that i cut into a smaller size many years ago


So nothing posh just stuck on the three Cuben loops two on the door and one onto the 2nd door ? .. the idea being that once im in just fasten these 3 hooks up then push my pack and boots (This is only a winter item) and that should,i hope stop the spindrift.
     On all the other sides i just push snow up and over the edge,but i cant do that on the door,can be done from the inside but then i have to redo it late at night when i let Oscar out for his last wee before the bed 

 The weights ok,bit higher as the foil already has some Gaffa tape and bits of tube on it,from when i had it as a tub floor for Oscar and the tape wont come off,impressed how well it has stuck 

So thats it not much but think it will work ..

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