Saturday, 23 January 2016

Duomid mini mod

So ive been using the Cuben Duomid just over 12 mths now and have been very impressed,but have lapsed back a few times to my trailstar..   
Recently had a few very windy and snowy nites and had a bit of spindrift come in.Now some has come under the door and i have a winter mod to do yet on that,next wk with some luck .But this quick fix mod is around the roof vent ..i found that the velcro on mine didnt match up enough to hold it shut when windy
          I had a very helpful friend ,Matt Holland,stitch me some velcro on some cuben tape.

Vent as standard

I had two pieces of cuben tape with velcro sewn on

So i took two pieces and stuck them either side of the middle and below the existing velcro strip

You can see the two pieces above

While on this picture the other mod i copied off Robin over on Blogpacking light is to make a guy from inside the roof cone down to the door guy.I used 4" of 1/4" bungy at the top then just 2mm cord and a line lock.I think it really helps and even more so when you,on occasion open up both doors 

 Pic below shows the guy line better,here used with an A-frame set up

                 As the above and below show it closes up nicely now


So never had to use this guy line and ive used it now in some 50 + gusts but i keep it in my very nice Treadlite XL peg bag,for just in case nights 

 The other mod im hoping to do next week and is just trying make an inside snow skirt for the door half of the shelter,the ever helpful Matt has posted me some cuben  stick on loops,will add on here when ive done it.....