Tuesday, 4 October 2016

A bad back and two nutty campers

 Some friends were staying up in the Northern Lakes,so I drove up and met them and we had a nice gentle walk over to Mosedale and then up to Lingy hut

Much brightness from the Crowthers

The night was clear,mostly but sady no Aurora.My back still yucking so I slept in the hut

Chrissie and Geoffs and Pebbles and Islays home for the night

The morning dawned nice at a cool 4c

High pike was in cloud but soon cleared to give some nice views

                       Tango duo

 After a few very muddy fields towards the end we arrived at Geoff & Chrissies second home.A nice brew and beans on toast and I left them and the snoring girls....Hope to catch up with them again soon      Thanks for looking