Friday, 28 October 2016

A camp on Greenup edge,too meet the infamous James Boulter

A recent bad back/trapped nerve has slowed me down the past month,but when I heard the infamous James boulter was out for a camp,i quickly packed a sack up.Ive recently booked tickets to go to Northern Sweden next year so was keen to question James as it turned out 4 off us all met up for a camp on Greenup Edge

I met Lee at bottom of Dunmail and we had a walk up and over a few small peaks too Greenup Edge,we scouted out a dry spot,as its a wet old area and were pitched by 2-30 pm.Then we had a wander up onto Ulscarf summit and then sniffed out a good water source as we got closer to camp

Rueben Boulter at camp

Not long after we had got back to camp James friend Yuri turned up and sorted himself out a pitch followed an hour or so later by james who had already been out the night before too

Sunset was a brief affair but did give some great light

As we were all chatting at 8-30pm we all were shocked to see the biggest brightest shooting star any of us  had ever seen

The wind had a bit of a bite but nothing to bad and after we had all eaten we were all stood out chatting about camps,hills and Sweden.Think it was gone 9-30pm before we all sought out our shelters for another brew

Dawn came with a fresher wind and cooler temps not much colour but it turned into a beautiful morning

With my back still not happy me and Lee wandered back to our cars,being lucky enough to hear a stag roaring as we headed back down


Heres a link to short video I did

Thanks for looking,hoping to resume normal full walking routes again soon travels Peter and Oscar