Monday, 28 November 2016

Trip North to Tulloch (Day 2)

Day 2 saw us back at Fersit for just after 7am,hoping to find a trail through the deep snow after a long 9 hours outing the day before

The day started much like the day before weather wise.This time we were on the East side of Loch Treig..The hills being Stob coire Sgriodain then round to Chno Dearg

Rather sadly,but good in some ways !,there was no trail on these two hills either.We saw a group of 4 behind us but they were 30 mins behind us...I had high hopes they would pass us


Please remember no dogs were hurt in this trip out

We summited the first hill before the following group and chatted about how nice it would be to follow there trail now after a hard day out the day before........sad to say the 4 lads never did break trail but were always following behind..when I was there age bragging rights wouldn't allowed me to "Follow" others all day....soft lads :-)

 Sadly that was the end of our views as clag came in after the first Munro summit only clearing a bit after we left Chno dearg summit..there was some horrible deep drifts on the way down too


Lee Taylor on Chno Dearg summit


We had another night in the excellent bunkhouse and were on the road home by 6 a chilly -6c as dropped down the A9..and looking later some peeps had a stunning day above the clouds....thanks for looking.....Safe travels Peter and Oscar

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