Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Last camp ? of 2016


Both kids had away games and the wife was tagging along to watch the daughters game,so I only packed Saturday morning.It was a slow drive up in thick clag to the carpark on Kirkstone pass

It only took 20 mins and you could see that an inversion would soon be reached a nice one it was too

It was nice for Oscar to be recognise again,this time by Ria and her friend ...we chatted as I dropped down from Red Screes to Scandale pass

Once on the Fairfield ridge a keen wind helped keep the windchill up but there were some great views,but apart for a family of 3 Adults 4 young children,plus baby in back carrier,who I met leaving Fairfield summit at 3-40pm !,i never saw anyone else

I took my HMG Southwest pack again it carried very well again,ive added some Velcro to the end of the straps,these worked well to stop the straps flapping around

Miss Kate was camping over on the Conistons I found out later and got a better sunset than me,but I was still happy

I pitched around 3 pm on a nice shoulder on Hart crag which lost most of the wind,then had a walk over to Fairfield summit

The inversion lifted to engulf me around 6 but did clear an hour or two later but by 9 I was in a world of cold clag with a fresh 30-35 mph wind and a few bits of rain on and off through the night......the Trailstar just ignored it all



I,ve had this Flatcat stove nearly 2 years now and ive been very impressed it,simple design,light and just works

Sunday never happened,i waited till 9 ish but the clag that came in around 9 pm was still sat over these hills,a cold claggy walk back to the car,a sharp windchill helped me keep up some pace

I was also very lucky to meet Alistair Whitaker in the car park had a good chat,hadnt seen him since we met on the TGO and walked together on a few sections,top bloke

                               Heres a video I did off the trip

Thanks for looking ill do a quick pic blog of the years camp over the xmas break,wishing you all a Merry chistmas

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