Saturday, 24 December 2016

Twenty Sixteen wild camps

It seems to have been a quiet year for camps for a few reasons,but I seem to have been out at least every month again,on I think 23 night

 Januarys frist camp was near to Three tarns with Matt Holland and Lee Taylor,shortly after pitching a storm hit us that was still trying to remove us at 7 am...snow,hail and sleet blown in on a 30-60mph gusting wind,we left in the dark !

Februarys camp was with Alex Atkinson and Lee again.Same valley,Langdales but this time we crossed over the Crinkles,Bowfell and camped near Rosset pike,another windy cold night....but a stunning dawn


Februarys second camp was with Ste Mack and Lee,this time a traverse of the Coniston fells and a nice camp on Grey Friar

Februarys third camp was one night on Thornthwaite crag on my own and the second on Snarker pike with Lee

March saw me in the Howgills for two nights with Lee

April saw me walk over to Kidsty pike and then get surprised by a snow storm,Lee walked up later on

Aprils last trip saw me set off with Matt Holland,Lee walked up later to camp on Great Knott.Lee and me had a 2nd night on Little Stand  

May saw me and Lee head north for a stunning 3 night traverse of the stunning Fisherfield area

The first night we camped just north of the summit of A'Mhaighdean...was an ok sort of evening

The 2nd night we camped just below the col between Beinn Tarsuinn and Mullach Coire Mhic Fhearchair

Our 3rd and last night saw us on the North shore of Loch Maree,ready for an early start in the morning for the long drive home

Mays next trip saw me and Lee camp on Caw after a traverse of some Birkets in the area

June saw me and Lee camp on Thorntwaite crag summit again

July saw me and Oscar walk from Chapel stile over the tops too camp on Pike of Stickle

August saw me meet up with Darron Linney so we did a full loop of the whole Langdales valley,with Lee meeting us for the 2nd night

First nights camp on Little Stand

2nd night on off Codale head,which turned into a windy old night

August saw me and Lee up north and a trip to collect some of the Glenshee munros

After finding nothing to camp on for a good while we found this sweet spot on the 818m spot height,about 1.5k due North of Beinn Lutharn Mhor.After tea we wondered out to get Carn Bhac and saw a huge heard of deer as we returned



September and me and Lee traversed the high ground from Nethermost pike ish over to camp on Randerside

October saw me with a bad back so I met up with Geoff and Christie,carrying a shelter but planning on sleeping in Lingy hutt,so not really a camp ?

Octobers 2 nd camp was a meet up with Lee,James Boulter and James friend Yuri.We met on Green up edge

November saw me back on my nearest hills and a traverse of the Conistons and a camp on Wetherlam,just me and my faithfull hound Oscar

And so to my last camp ? of 2016 and a stunning inversion day and a camp on Hart Crag

A good year all round a few ups and downs and as I approach my fiftieth birthday and 18 years of being married im more than happy with my lot.So happy christmas to all those I know and to those that I don't,wishing all the best for the new year

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