Monday, 3 April 2017

Langdales two Nights out...Oscars 10th birthday

After last wknds excellent weather,it was expecting too much to get another one in before my family holiday,but i had agreed i would try and meet some of the Trek-lite lads who were out on the hills.
Sadly i was to find there rumoured "Bad weather trips" was not unfounded :)  

I managed to get home,packed and up to Langdale for 4 pm and was soon hoofing it up the valley,plan was to meet at Sprinkling tarn

The wind chased us up the valley with the hint of bad weather to come,i cut a bit off and followed the stream up,as the old path used to,i got about 2/3's of the way up before it hit..big gusting rain with a vary wind speeds.....i was glad it was at my back 

I was happy as i walked over the crest of the col to see some Cuben fastened to the hillside above Angle tarn,i got Oscar to bark and got a wave from a figure as i wondered down.two shelters were already pitched and i said my hellos quickly and after a chat in Rogs shelter i splashed off to find a pitch
Tea was a new one for me and mighty tasty it was too,once shelter was up it  filled and warmed me up.There made with natural local produce and i have to say ill be adding some of these to my larder stock (
The two lads had left Spinkling due to the gusty winds and moved on to here but the ground was saturated every where

On my 3 rd brew i heard an "Hello" and met the last member of team Aqua Trek-lite.....Cass had searched Sprinkling tarn then moved on too Angle tarn.. he soon was taking shelter from the horrid weather too

I stayed under the TS well into the morning not moving on till 9-30 sadly team Aqua Trek-lite,had to go on as they had family things on...another time 

Once they had left it started to improve and wasn't to bad a day.I walked on to the Hause then over Esk pike,Bowfell and the Crinkles and decided to camp on Cold pike,giving me time to dry out a little gear first too

Oscar had turned 10 on Saturday and was happy to have a late afternoon and pre-tea snooze

I,d recently been chatting to some twitter people about his chair kit,and decided to try one...very impressed its on the kit list for my Sweden trip  

Later on it cleared out but a biting cold wind made the finger ends tingle as i stumbled about trying out some nice pictures

Dawn was much cooler than of late,this view of camp looking to th Coniston range

Sunrise didn't really come off but the moving mist and promise of warm weather more than made up for it 

Bowfel and the Crinkles catching the first of the days light 

The wet ground and move over to Trail shoes for the none winter months was making for cold toes,so i used a tested method, warm socks on top of pot boiling water up,put on quickly the split water half for a last brew and for rest over your trail shoes while wearing works a treat

I didn't have much left to do so decided to go over Pike o Blisco and bag a little peak on the other side thats been alluding me for a long while now

It was a lovely day now as i sloshed my way down some very wet ground

Under a warm blue sky we sloshed our way down and over to Kettle crag the last peak of the day,what a great view it gave to from such a small peak

Lastly heres a vid i did of the trip,thanks for looking and safe travels Peter and Oscar dog 

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