Friday, 28 April 2017

Have landed at 8 am back from our family holiday i was jet lagged but keen for hills.A few messages confirmed Lee was heading out later in the day, some unpacking and then rucksack packing and we met up at Troutbeck at 4 pm

 It was a lovely evening with a chill still in the wind,we only went to Yoke and were camped up by 6 pm 

Although fatigued it was good to back in my normal environment 

Just after we'd eaten my phone pinged, it was Kate who was over on Red Screes but had thought of bivying on Yoke too !

Tea was another of the excellent Bla Bland ones, sadly my last one,I will have to sort out a new order for the rest of summer and my Sweden trip in late August

I slept like the dead and woke to a stunning morning, there was a light ground frost but Oscars bowl had frozen over 5mm thick 

There was a nice inversion that slowly came into us as we brewed ate breakfast and slowly packed up 

With no real plan we decided to follow the ridge to Thornthwaite then turn south from Stoney cove, down a ridge I've wanted to walk down for a while now

                                           Leave no trace, camp picture

We dropped down past Doup crag, the waterfalls shown on the map are a stunning and well worth the effort to visit.From there we followed the Trout Beck south and down the valley to the car 

Heres a short vid i did 

                          Thanks for looking and safe travels 

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