Sunday, 13 August 2017

Short video of MLD Supermid and a night watching the star showers

With trip too Sweden looming, we weren't going to go out the last few winds,but promise of a good star showing and clear skies, we went with a short walk in

We went halves on a usedSupermid last year, to use as a winter test, but decided for this trip  to take it out for an airing 

It truly is Huge,you set the inside pole too 6 Ft !  

Auld lad fit nicely in-between us 

Not long after we had pitched i spotted a pair of Tawny owls, searching for tea, we got to watch them for a good five minutes

We had a few deer pass over the fell behind us, as the last of the light left us 

We didn't get the best of the light for sunset and even had a few spots of rain

We sat in and waited for the dark and the cloud to clear, this wasn't till 11pm,sadly the moon spoilt a lot of the night skies but we got to see a pretty good show

Best shot of a star trail i got

Luxury camping and yes Oscar got some too

I put the two short time-lapse night videos i took up on a separate little post, thanks for looking and safe travels Peter & Oscar