Wednesday, 28 August 2019

Extended Kentmere round (Mini Trek-lite meet) August 2019

A few exchanges on Trek-lite page and James and Martin said they fancied a trip out in the lakes.I ploted a route out and returned it for vetting,some how it passed muster !

I met James in the coffee shop and after some nice cake we went and waited for Martin to arrive,once he had arrived we left there cars and took mine up the valley to find a parking spot

Due to an upcoming trip I loaded mine up with 14 kilos to help keep the legs working,the weather was ok but a bit overcast to start.The first part was up over the Green Quarter which is often wet underfoot,the recent rain helped that stay true 

We had agreed on camping on Harter fell but sadly it was in clag,i had mentioned I would find us water once camped,sadly there was some grumbling about a short up/down to collect it..cant please everyone :) 

Tea was a new flavor for me..Mac & cheese by Summit to Eat and very good it was too,supplied by Basecamp foods

Once they had eaten my walking friends were happily settled down,as we partly chatted away the evening

As the days start to shorten dawn is a reasonable 6 am so as I looked out at 5-40 am and there was some lovely pre-dawn light about..not much movment from the rest of the camp but a lovely start to the day

High street and some passing cloud

Gopro still

One of my favorite pieces of recent buys,is this small table.I had my brother bring me it over from Vancovour on a recent trip home.But i see Mark has them on his new Valley and peak shop page,so no need to wait 

We were away for 8 am on what became a rather warm day,luckily a nice breeze helped keep the sweat down a bit

My route was to take us over to High St then round to Kidsty pike as its a great view point

Leaving High Street  above picture and the same hill viewed from Kidsty pike

Looking down into the valley we could see the deer, i counted out a group of around 40 ,from the vantage point of Kidsty summit

We used a spot i know to fill up with water close to Thornthwaite crag and had some dinner, by now it was getting rather warm,luckily a breeze helped keep the sweat down a bit

But it was warm on the few climbs up we had before our second camp 

A browse at the map showed a nice spring near to where we hoped to camp,as luck would have it it was gushing away out of the hillside only a few minutes walk below the path

Our second nites camp was just past Yokes summit and it was nice to use the nearby rocks to sit on as we brewed and had tea,the temp dropping nicely after around 7 pm 

As luck would have it,the cloud was brocken and gave some bits of nice dark starry skies 

Think one of my camping friends had plugged into the national grid !

Dawn again was a quiet affair,the gentle snoring of campers mixed with the sounds of the days start

With some long drives home for James and Martin,we were away for 8 am again for the last 6-7 miles over the last two peaks of the trip Swallows and Sour howes 

Even by 9 am the temp had risen to over 20c already 

We followed a lovely path down,that ive used before....with the heather making a great colourful late showing 

With the clock ticking and tired walkers i needed a way of picking up the pace......a quick mention that Wilfs cafe stopped serving breakfast at 11-30am..did the trick tho

A nice localy sourced breakfast was soon put away and goodbyes said...a good trip if a bit to warm at times ...24 miles and 7000ft of ascent 

              A short video of the trip,excuse the shite music 


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  1. Nice route, Pete.

    Out of interest, how do you fasten your Duomid apex guy to your trekking pole?