Sunday, 12 July 2015

A last minute change of plan...and so a trip to Ben Alder area

Thursday nite we stopped at wigwams at Tyndrum a very handy spot to stop off,or your arriving late


So last Thursday saw us heading north for a trip off 2 nites camping over the Ben Starav group,but a text from the wife and a half upload Met office weather warning,left us sat in the Wigwams at tyndrum with a ruined plan....After a while my auld grey matter had formulated a rough plan based on memory !!!! but would involve us having to find another map in the morning....time for sleep
So the above is a screen shot from my Social hiking page of what we did 

 So a bit of messing around saw us with a map with most of the intended route on it !! and 10-30 am Friday saw us on the Train out to Corrour,a quick chat with Mr carisma aka train conducter,confirmed all trains running on Sunday but only the two ...12-30 and 18-30.....what could go wrong !!

We soon left Corrour station behind,this the view back and the end of Loch Ossian
My Marisopa from Gossamear gear carried mine and the dogs gear and food superbly over the trip again....nice and light pack and carries ver y well
The views from Carn Dearg were superb,so we stopped for a late 2nd you do

The weather was stunning if a little warm 24c at station and a melting 18c ontop of the two munros between us and our first nites stop

Ben Alder and a quick plug for the great people at Sawyer who make the best filter system for the hills,in my opinion
The middle section is open to all travelers
Even though we didnt use or need any wood.I decided to collect another sack full of wood for the next visitors....Turns out the Marisopa makes a good wood hauler too
So with not starting walking till 11-40 it was 6-15 by the time we sat down for a brew and tea,happy that we had a solid roof over our heads for the incoming storm                        

 Heres a few pics off the inside of Ben Alder Cottage

So by dinnertime saturday the weather seemed to have eased,the rivers had risen a bit but nothing of any concern    

Early sunday morning
Loch Ossian
Late evening saturday nite
The only flat spot for miles ...and then the breeze went...Oscar says thanks to Lee who let him spend the nite in his inner,no room in mine sadly...
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 Sunday morning was just stunning,Sadly there are  three hydro schemes being built on the estate at the moment but signs say that its to supply the estates power and all new roads will be reduced down to the size off a quad track.....better than whirly giggs i suppose

Lee lookind down on the YHA hostel,behind the tress and you can just spot the station on the right 

Loch Ossian on the way up Beinn na Lap

The house at Corrour station,with 2 hrs to spare before the train...ohh whats that stuffed in the side of the timetable !!!!! all trains cancelled today .......if we meet ill tell you the last bit of the trip report..  so according to the techno the walk came in at 38 miles and 10'000 ft of ascent and a good mix of weather


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