Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Tread Lite Gear

So just thought id do a short bit on my latest buy.  Ive bought a few bits from clips too Cuben bags off paul from tread lite since around xmas time.everything ive had has been really well made and nearly too cheap !!
  So when i saw paul advertising a peg bag i thought id have a look see.It looked good so i ordered one up it arrived promptly and rushed to try it

Ive been a big fan off the Gold 9" Easton pegs for a long while now and found that i take quite a few while using this new (to me ) when i tried in all my pegs plus few pegs for his and woofs tub floors,plus a joiner piece for my poles it was just a little tight.
This wouldnt be a problem most of the year but in winter every few minutes adds to the cold time between leaving your shelter and getting moving on the trail again.
I fires off a quick email to paul to see if he could help....." no probs send it back and ill sort out another one for you,what size would help you" or words to that affect...well it landed today and its perfect and very light too if your in need of any bags,clips and various other handy camp bits give pauls stuff a look dont think youll be dissapointed travels peter
Duomid pegs

 Hi! I found this on eBay and thought you might like it! Check it out now!  Cuben Fiber Cubpac Ultralight Peg Bag Zip Pouch Stuff Sack 7.5g Large Size                                          Just click below his name on "other items for sale "

Very lite too

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