Monday, 19 October 2015

A dogs life following my friend on his wild camps

Pertex & pile bed 367g
 So ive had a quite alot of questions over last few years about what i take for the dog,so thought id do a blog on what i take for my trusted side kick "Oscar the mountain dog "  

 So this is the bed he uses for 8-9 mths of the year,in summer he just sleeps on the brown rug,shown further down.Its a piece i cut out of an old army sentry style sleeping

Just a cheap travel style towel 67g    

   Oscar sleeps on this in summer and i throw it over the top of him (where it doesn't always stay) from when the temp gets too 8c ish and down to -2c or so

Cheap brown rug 191g

 Woooftub with 6" walls,Silnylon  133g

 So i asked Sean to make this for me it fits perfectly in one quarter of the Duomid and anywhere under the Trailstar,helps keep it all together and keeps a bit of draught off

 This is his winter matt 8mm reflective foam matt weight 214g

 This is an excellent bit of kit it stops the sleet getting into Oscars coat,which was always a problem as it would melt overnite at camp soaking his bedding ....worth every penny has lasted 5 winters of heavy use so far...Its made by Ruffwear too its called the Cloud chaser

A fleece coat that i only got last year this is only for when i know temp will be below -2c   weight 328g 

 This a bit of cheap 6 mm foam matt on the under side ive taped on a bit of space blanket to help it retain some heat ?  weight 85g

 Very important metal bowl 90g

 So another excellent bit of gear.Ruffwear Palisades harness and pack system,of the two available buy this one much easier to be able to remove the packs ( just 3 clips) for crossing fences/walls or those dog gates.
 The harness on its own is handy for winter too on the odd times i need to help on steep snowy sections or pull him out of a snow drift hes run into at 15 mphs and got buried ....he loves snow as much as his dad

The pack has been used since he was nearly 2 years old and used constantly up until last year when i made the decision to retire him from carrying his own stuff anymore.So its been used for 5 years the outer zips broke after about 4 yrs,but only from constantly being knocked and scraped against rocks,i glued them up and it still works,both the top pocket zips and both the main comparment zips still work perfectly

So thats it,hope it helps travels Peter and Oscar