Thursday, 8 October 2015

Custom inner

So after getting my s/h Cuben Duomid and then a cheap Alliexpress inner,seperate post on here,i wondered about making an inner that suited my needs once i had some figures in my head i decided to make a template/model that i could use to try and see how the fit would be in my Duomid,but with an eye to maybe being able to use it under the Trailstar too..

That done i exchanged a few emails with Sean about sizes and materials and costs ...this is the result 

The fit was exactly as i wanted it and as always Seans stunning attention to detail, no wonky Bearpaw sew lines here

Cuben used was .75 Oz    and 1.25 for the floor

I asked for just 2 zips but Sean said a T zip would work better,i also asked for a 6" tub floor 

I also bought a s/h porch tub off Lee Taylor this is also an older piece made by Sean

I may shorten it yet but need to try it with Trailstar first,,if it fits as i hope under Trailstar ill add those pics tomorrow

One of Pauls lovely peg bags in shot too

It is straight its just the GO-Pro thats made it look that way

Best too last,came in at under what Sean thought...very happy 

From the start the inner was designed for my Duomid,but i couldnt forget my true altered sizing so that it might work under the Trailstar too
At a pitch hieght of 52" it fit well

As the hieght is still smaller than the Duomid pitch hieght i had to use a loop of bungy cord too pull together the excess material,worked well 

Here it is with the Wooftub

And here with a bit off Cuben floor that i bought off Lee

Can be a bit of wasted space behind,i suppose i cud add a zip 

So this next bits a bit extra ive added to original write up,i used a brief spell in dry weather to see if i could get the fit better.I did this with pole at 48 "

As you can see still a little wasted space behind so i tried running the inner alongside one side of the Trailstar,it fit well 

So thats it may see you on the hill travels Peter and Oscar the mountain dog