Monday, 29 February 2016

A Coniston backpack and some great news off Chief Happiness Officer,Ron

Back in 2005 Oscar joined our family and the search for a shelter started,was along road.Then i saw a few odd pics of a Trailstar,a quick dash up after work to Langdale and Gordon Green let me put his up on the campsite ....WOW....So in 2011 i bought a Trailstar from Ron and the rest as they say is history.

 The pics an adventures ive had under that Grey posh tarp ! are already posted up over the years,over those years ive chatted with Ron abit online,a recent chat about a web page id started left me coming away from the laptop grinning

 Ron said he would send me a Trailstar in the new Silnlyon F.O.C

 It landed in 10 days so i quickly cut ten  22" guys and one 90" one to be used on door guy

 The weather was a bit pants so had to comprise a bit for seam sealing duties



 New ones even lighter too.

 So this wknd i set off walking with Ste over the Coniston range of hills,meeting Lee later at camp on Grey Friar

Pitching was a breeze,as most of us find after having pitch our shelters many times before....The Scafells looking on

Lee had treated himself to a Solomid too and he soon had that pitched

 The new colour are really nice

Oscar of course was bored with all this talk of shelters and just wanted his tea

During the night we played around with our Gopros taking some night shots 

                         Ste brought his Hilleberg tent too !!!!

                                                    Found this trying to sleep

We had an ok ish dawn bring temps of -3.8c but a bit of breeze made this a bit harsh on camera fingers

                                              Ste above and below

Scafells at dawn doing there thing as always

Oscar and Lee


The new fabric looks really nice and the frost easily shook off so the rest of the year will be a mix between my Trailstar and my Cuben Duomid