Wednesday, 17 February 2016

With an early Finish i was soon heading up the Garburn pass,the valleys showing lovely browns and the tops a nice white hat on

Camp for the night was just over the above hill,leaving me to find a pitch ontop of Thornthwaite crag summit,sadly the views went soon after i arrived

My shelter was my old faithful Trailstar,by Mld

It did stay clear long enough for me to get a few pics off

It had been a while since id been out with my Mld Trailstar but soon she was up and i set up and crawled inside my down cocoon

The next morning was fresh around -5c but the fresh wind was sending up the windchill,as i tried to snap some pics as the cloud came and went

His lordship waiting for me to stop clicking away and get him some breakfast

Finally a little sun reached the shelter

The dawn was ok,but cloud obscured,the windchill was vicious

Id agreed to meet Lee at Kirkstone pub at 12 so i wondered over that way and just had time for a quick bowl of chips and a fresh filter coffee

With Lee onboard we moved up Red Screes and then down to Middle Dodd and then wandered round to Camp on the summit of Snarker pike,which gave us good views,and the wall knocked the wind off

Id taken my SLR camera so had a play around but the windchill was a pig on the fingers,sadly none off the Gopro as i was to leave it behind the next day :(

Another coolish night,that gave us an ok Sunrise

Sun kissed Lakeland peaks abound

It was a stunning day to be high,but on Red Screes summit at 9-30 am it was 3.8c and a windchill off -13.9c ..but stunning views 

Lee gave me a lift down to my car at Limefitt and sadly between swapping stuff between cars i left my Pacer poles and Gopro behind,a very quick drive back after getting home sadly did not find them..someone must have picked them up between 12-30 and 1-30pm on the 14th Feb,not much hope now 3 days sorry but no more vids for a while..

Safe travels peter