Saturday, 9 July 2016

An old trip from back in 2011

Old photos from a trip back in 2011,First night i camped near Angle tarn after going up Great End from Langdale

A great dawn light covered the Langdale pikes

 As soon as id eaten i was on the move over Rosset pike and past the tarn,then a steep pull upto High Raise then down the long valley to Wythburn

Second nites camp was over the Helvelyn ridge line 

It was a hard day to get over and up Helvelyn in the short light hours,2011 was also the year we had a real steep nasty bank of snow at the top of the Striding edge route,a near vertical 30 steps.
Which i had to cover by removing Oscars pack and adding that to my pack,then i had to go down 4 steps then call Oscar to me,then get him to stay and repeat,repeat 

 It was dark as i arrived meeting a lad called the "Muzz" and then 4 ? others who walked up from the roadside later,think this was my first meeting with Alex too

 The sunrise was a cracker,even got a fly by too

The tent in rear right of this shot turned out (at 6.8kilos) weighed more than my hole pack including two days food 

Place fell looked great