Thursday, 21 July 2016

Chapel stile up to Silver How too Langdale pikes and wild camp

   So with a so-so forcast I waited till Saturday morning before deciding where to go,so it was a late start of 10 am before I left the car on the roadside at Chapel stile

     The bracken was tall and in places covered my 6 ft frame but a bit of a pull up gave some welcome breeze and some nice views from Silver how summit

    Not long after leaving the summit I heard my name shouted and stopped and chatted with James who ive met before and his mate Jamie who were out for two nites,i stayed with them till just before High Riase,as I kept nipping off to pick up Birkitts along the way

   The summit of Harrision was busy but the other peaks were nicely empty,Id thought of camping on Pike of Stickle and was lucky as I found only one nicely flat spot,even if 2 ft infront of the door,there was a large drop !


    It was nice to sit and enjoy the evening,sadly a bank of cloud kept me from a sunset and sunrise

     The Sawyer filter was set up on drip filter and brews and tea were enjoyed as the day cooled nicely down

    The morning started nicely and 7-30 had me back on Harrision,looking down on the many tents around the tarn


     I had planned to cross the valley and go back via Lingmoor,but decided to just retrace my steps,just after dinner saw me back to the car and a very warm 23c

Pics are just off Gopro and phone

                                      Heres a video of the walk

                                                Thanks for looking

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