Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Trailstar duo in the Cairngorms Day 2 & 3 May 2018

 The Sunday morning started with some clag above us but the wind had died down for a bit,it had rained and blown though the night but was dry for us to pack up 

You can see in these two pics how the wind had blown all the ice sheets over to the outflow side 

We packed up and climbed up away from the Loch,leaving packs behind we had a stroll out to bag Derry Cairngorm,sadly all in clag..but this started to break up as we picked up our packs again

The wind had now picked up again as we pulled up onto the plateau and then along to the Torrs on Beinn Mheadhoins summit

We crossed some large thick snow sheets as we cut across to reach, steeply,the valley bottom at Lairg an Laoigh 740m 

Our last Munro now looking along way away

The wind around Being á Chaorainn was really strong again, so we dropped the packs and nipped up and down without them

The wind really battered us as we made our own path 2 k southwards searching for some shelter to camp.Eventualy in-between the peat hags and streams we found a spot just NE of Craig Derry 865m 

Out of the wind it was really warm as we brewed and rested up

Tonights tea was another new flavour for me,again from Basecamp foods, and it was really tasty and smelt as good as it tasted..I could have eaten more but it had been another tough long day,nearly all of it in big ish winds

Its a shame how just loosing your hearing kills conversation and gets tedious after many hours

Somewhere over that large lump (Beinn a Bhuird) was the hill flasher James Boulter..luckliy our eyes were saved form his nakedness !

After tea,on tired legs i had a stroll away from camp, just looking at this beautiful vast country 

As the day drew to an end i was treated to some lovely colour and clouds floating past camp 

The wind died down after 10pm the rest of the night was spent sleeping ....dawn came early and i was treated to some very fiery early clouds

Sadly this intense colour only lasted 5-7 minutes 

You can see the Torrs onto of Beinn Mheadhoin in the far distance

And then the colour was gone,so we had a few brews and were walking up the last munro before 6 am 

Beinn Bhreac summit took Lee to just over 150 Munros

The trees as always are just such apart of the Cairngorms and just look so beautiful and old 

We dropped down and then rejoined our route out,i took a small diversion to see Bobs hut,a few sleeping bodies were around,an early smoker enjoying his habiat sat outside 

Fifteen mins before we reached the car we had to put jackets on for the last 15 mins ..but as we left Braemar we hit the rain and it was hammering down on the car roof as we pulled over the top of the pass 

Day 2 in Red

Day 3 in Red

Day 2

Day 3

Heres a video of the last 2 days please watch in 720  or 1080 ,it looks so much better .

Thanks for looking and safe travels