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Kentmere horseshoe,extended.Wild camp Feb 2023 Xmid1 & 2

Thornthwaite crag  While chatting on a forum about the new Xmid tents,I got chatting to William May as he had one ordered.Short story he came up to the Lakes for a wild camp to compare and we met up with my brother Jamie,later in the day  Didn’t take many pics on first section of ridge as we were too busy chatting about gear and the different peaks I could point out  We left Kentmere valley and set off doing a clockwise loop.We met some other walkers who had not brought a map,so I offered some advice and gave them the laminated map sheet of the route,that I’d brought with me…..I know the route pretty well  The Forecast was for Northerly winds 20-25 gusting too 45 mph with a windchill too -10c,after cresting Garburn pass we turned north and into said windchill.We walked along the ridge picking of the summits, I recorded some gusts too 53mph giving a windchill of -12c  We met Jamie on The Knott,just as the snow hit us,we sat behind the low wall as it rushed past us on the strong wind…20

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