Thursday, 31 December 2020

Last wild camp,Cauldale moor Dec 2020

               The forcast looked good so i drew up a quick plan for one last camp of the "Crazy year"

The forcast did say fresh northerly winds till later so we wondered up the valley from Limefitt park,bagging the Tongue for my brother on the way past

Like its twin East of here both these valleys always seem longer than the map tells you 

As i thought would be the case,once we got to the col at Threshthwaite Mouth the wind increased, it was a slow climb with winds blowing at 25 mph and a few nasty gusts too 53 mph giving a W.C of -12c 

Micro spikes were deployed as the ground firmed up with all the ground underfoot now frozen or white 

   In another life my brother was a morf 😙 his face mask protecting his face from the stinging wind  

After an hour or so the wind died off as we strolled out to get Hartsop Dodd,then doubling back to regain Stony Cove Pike

                         The cloud then lifted some more and with the sun lowering the views just got better

Mind full that the wind might return we dropped down from the sumit to 2200 ft and took a chance on camping on the path itself 

As is always the case as the sun lowered so did the temp....i only notice -4c but it may have been a litter colder but not much i dont think 

Camp set up and brews drunk we had a walk around as our teas warmed us inside our jackets,as they rehydrated fully 

If your in need of something to spend your christmas money on these Hot chocolate drinks from Penningtons Coffee are very very nice 

Dawn was very colour full but didnt actualy involve us seeing the sun itself 

                                                                         Red screes

                                              St Ravens edge 

The skies and views were superb as we headed over St Ravens Edge then made our way over too bag Baystones

Some stunning views to finish of this years last walk and wild camp as we sadly have now had to enter Tier 4,here in Cumbria

               So safe travels to you all, heres to a better 2021

Monday, 28 December 2020

TWENTY TWENTY Wild camps !


So the year started like all the rest a wet winter,with lots of us hoping for cold weather, my first camp came on the 4 Th of Jan with a walk up Kentmere valley to visit a cave id not been too

The weather was naff and i made a nasty steep climb up,to land on Rainbow crag, then along the ridge to camp, just south of Thornthwaite crag summit 

I had a nice message from James the over the following week,asking if id like to join him,i met him above Hawes water on a cold January morning.We wondered over some Birkett peaks James still needed in nice conditions,tho we left the snow line behind 

We pitched up near Arthurs pike and enjoyed a cold but clear nice sky 

Early Feb and Darron mentioned meeting up and i was happy to do so,the early light on Derwent was lovely to see

We had a good walk out from below Honister mine and along the ridge a strong wind had us camp on Lingcomb Edge just NW of Red pike summit 

March as the year fell apart and i had a walk out from the Shap road camping one night on Selside pike 

I had a walk out the next day over Tarn crag then across the valley to Kentmere pike.I followed the ridge down to the landrover track to the valley,leaving me the pull up the other side, i was then chasing the light back past my old camp to camp on Great Yarlside for the 2nd night 

June saw me up and around the Langdales and a nice pitch on Stonesty pike

Then in July i met up for a socialy distant camp with some lads of Trek-lite,i led them over the Conistons for a night on Grey Friar then over the fells to camp between White Maiden and High pike haw

Also in July saw me leave the Lakes for a trip down to Wales to meet Darron,whos local knowledge made it so much better

The first night was on Carnedd Llewelyn,but sadly the clag came in and gave a rough moring but cleared out in the afternoon

The 2nd night was spent near Penywaun wen ,the night was windy but we mostly had good views.This trip leaves me just 5 of the main 3000 ft peaks to do on the mainland ...
Having done 283 Munros 4 English peaks and 10 of the Welsh Furths,i also have 3 of Irelands 13 Furths to do 

1st of August and i had a night out over on Little Stand 

Mid August saw me out with two friends on a very hot day, rewarded with good views and a belting morning inversion

                          We pitched up on the back of Hart crag 

                                                               Darron Linneys photo above 

Mid September saw me return to Thorntwaite for a camp on an extended Kentmere horseshoe 

The week after saw me meet up with Dave for a stroll out over the Shap fells and a nice night on Branstree summit 

October and another tour of the Coniston Range saw me camp out with my brother on Grey Friar summit 

November and another, different,extended Kentmere round with my brother with a stunning night on Kidsty pike summit 

After a nice ridge walk we had a lower camp over on Sour howes

Mid November and a really tough very windy and wet saw us heading up onto the Langdale pikes,the weather improved  slightly from mid day and we had a nice camp just of the front of Pavey Ark after a full round of the peaks 

Early December and a promise of fresh snow for 2 days ! Langdales and a miserable night after Lingmoor,Pike o Blisco saw us hiding from big winds and heavy rain from early afternoon till morning 

But the next morning was good with a great travers of the Crinkles,a quick up/down on Bowfell let us catch a great sunset from Three tarns 

     Few pics of my brothers tent that i took and Darron kindly processed for me 

Not to bad a year given how tough if has been,Twenty camps with maybe one more yet to come 

Thanks for looking safe travels Peter   See below last camp 

Had a walk up the valley then out to Hartsop Dodd before walking back over Cauldale moor to camp about 10 mins down from the summit a nice cool night and a cracking morning