The Crainlarich Munros Day 3 & 4 Xmid2 and Trailstar shelters

We caught a touch of frost overnight and had heavy condensation,but what a start to the day it was ! Inversions galore  These are the mornings we soak up the view and quietness of a waking day  Jamie’s Trailstar with the first hill of the day Cruach Adrian 1046m looming up behind  Xmid 2 Shadowed by Ben More & Stob Binnein         Bit of drying time in the warm breeze before L.N.T and moving on  Looking North  Once on the summit of Cruach Ardrain we took the small and very steep path NE of it to collect a new Top for me,Stob Garbh.We continued East then lost most of our height,down to 430m to then start the slow pull up to the coll After many slugs of cold mountain water we left the sacks and went up Stob Bennein,fine views in all directions  The ridge Southwards  Back to the packs for more fluids and an energy boost,it was with slower limbs we slowly but steadily made our way up to Ben Mores lofty view point,my visit before had the ground and the sky all white  Crainlarich far bel

The Crainlarich Munros Day 1 & 2 Xmid2 & Trailstar shelter

With my operation  date looming,i coupled together a last quick trip “ Up North ” too Scotland.I first did these hills back in the early 90s on some of my first winter backpacking trips,things were much warmer and greener on this visit    We drove up Thursday morning and left our car near Ben More farm and a very nice man,came in his taxi and dropped us of at the layby on the Loch Lomond road,pre-booked it made the walk much better trip,I highly recommend them Ian and his son Packs hoisted up we were soon heading off,as the day started to get much warmer (Temp above was in the sun,real temp was around 17-18c) Ben More and Stob Binnein were soon showing of there great height,being the biggest Munros in this area We drank and walked and sweated and walked some more,the skies at times looking like it might help us cool down We gained the “Twistin hill “ ridge with some fantastic views coming in from all directions of the compass,my plan had been to try and camp,some where South of An Cais