Monday, 24 January 2022

Coledale horseshoe,3 Scarps-2 nights..Jan 2022

 It was 3 pm before we left the carpark, near Braithwaite as we headed up towards the gloom of low cloud, the air was damp and cool so we pushed onwards and upwards

Photo credit Matt Holland 

A friend Matt Holland was already out, he sent me this picture (Above) as he had just breached the cloud top from the other direction,
It spurred us on and 90 mins from leaving the carpark....we got lucky too,just as the sun had set 

My brother Jamie,who reached half way round his Wainwrights on this trip 

We met up with Matt who had already collected water so we all pitched up our Scarp 1s  then me and Jamie walked off to collect some water for tea

I had a choice of two the first night so choose the Pasta Bolognaise one the warm food helped to restore some heat into my finger tips after taking pictures 

The full moon sadly washed out a lot of the clear night skies, but camped above a full inversion we weren't complaining 

Around 10 ish my phone pinged off an Aurora alarm,so i pulled on some down and went to looks managed to catch some but cloud was in the way, maybe if id stayed out longer ..

I mentioned about the Auora and the talented Kathelcymru (twitter) went out and took this cracking picture (Below)

Mr Holland making tea

Dawn was a muted affair with a little wind giving some more bite to the temperatures


Whiteside ridge was stunning, as always..still not managed this one with it all white yet   

After Hopegill and Grasmoor,Matt had to leave us so he carried on down from Wandope and Whiteless pike,but me and Jamie had to climb back up, then after collecting  some water we hauled it up onto Crag hill 

The wind had picked up some and we didn't find a spot we liked on Crag hill,so still fully loaded up with water, we moved onto Sail summit 

It gave us some great ground to camp on and the Pulled pork & Rice from Basecampfood really filled up a hole, sadly the wind rain and crag came in around 6 ish 

My neighbour zipped up against the wind and rain

With the wind blowing hard 30-40s mph we had a long evening in our shelters but these new Scarps are huge inside, mine was bought to fit Maggie my lab insides she has to be in the TOLD 

Rain eased off around 7 ish so we packed up, collecting two more peaks on the way down  

This little guy was again at the carpark as we packed up to leave 

We tried for a breakfast (it was my 55th Birthday) at Booths but they had staffing issues a long search in Keswick and we found Jaspers .....will most certainly going back

I made this short video too,Thanks for watching safe travels Peter