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Cold pike wild camp,Scarp 1..Nov 2022

With the weather and still being ill after my Sweden trip id not been out since that trip for a camp,it seemed to be westerly after westerly but finally ok,Jamie was full of flu so i took me and Miss Maggie off to Langdale  D  I arrived at the NT campsite for 7-30 am for a long overdue catch up with Jilly about her and my recent trips away…what with folk coming in for Bacon buns,it was 9 am before i got myself away… to say Maggie has another fan to add to her club  I,d read the Forcast as possible inversions but sadly it was cloud we had to greet us,as we headed up i got chatting to two blokes who were not sure about where to go so i offered to take them over the Crinkle crag ridge…..i think Paul and David Sadly they didnt get any views as i lead them through the thick mist over the various peaks,i always make it 7 separate peaks along the whole ridge,but as we left the last peak it finally broke up  Not long after we parted ways,Maggie sad to see the man who had the very nice sa

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