Saturday, 7 December 2019

At long last a bit of nice cold weather so i planned a trip out for 2 nites above the Langdales,two lads had messaged about meeting up.I met one briefly Sunday morning near camp,the other came up Saturday so we walked a bit then camped with him

I finished work and drove up under blue skies, hoisting my rucksack onto my back a little before 2pm 

It was nice to be walking upwards in cold air but with some warmth from the sun on my back,i had planned on camping on Pike o Stickle but as soon as i had cleared the ravine path,i could see someone pitched there....

You can see the pitch thieve on the summit here,hie Scarp just below him,i wwalked over after i had pitched and we had a a helicopter hovered around Great End before flying over us and back down the valley 

As i chatted with Joseph (wildcountrycamping on Instagram) i took this naff photo as it flew away

For this trip i brought my MLD Duomid and my Oookworks inner 

My pitch was just North of Loft crag summit and  gave me some lovely evening views 

With only a new moon the night sky was superb with the Milky way clearly seen with the naked eye

The night temp only dropped to -3c but the late evening breeze and in the mrning the windchill had a good bite ....-13.2c on the 15 mph Easterly wind 

Rob Jones had messaged to say he was coming up to see me for dawn,he brought his lovely young dog "Tag" We had a good chat for 30 mins and were treated to some lovely light at dawn before Rob carried on his walk 

After many brews, breakfast and packing up i headed up onto Harrison,then Pavey Ark and Thuncar.The views were stunning but the wind had some cold fingers

 From High Raise i turned too Codale head before heading dwon towards the tarn to meet Martin

Once we had met we headed over to Blea rigg and after some hunting round had soon found a lovely flat pitch,which not only had running water nearby but knocked the wind dead 

It was a great clear night again,made even better as there was no wind to nip at finger ends 

The night was colder and i saw -5.2c at 11pm before i turned in to sleep, dawn gave some more nice light 

Heavy frost to shake off

Lovely big down nest for me to snuggle into later

Wherever you were on the Sunday,i think,it was good to be out on th fells .Before i packed up i walked over towards Stickle tarn and briefly met Chisler who was (running !) up from his late camp near the tarn...good to meet 

In the morning i walked over the tops Silver How,from there we took the steep path down towards the church then strolled back up the valley to the cars....a good trip and good to meet Martin and shake Chislers hand !     

Thanks for looking and safe travels Peter