Wednesday, 13 March 2019

Sweden Artic circle walk Day 8 & 9

After another night of Northern lights we we all tired after a late night,sky watching.But what a mornig it was side to side blue skies

It was warm enough to sit out in just base-layers and soak up the views around our camp 

I wanted to follow the river down the valley but we ended up staying on the main path down the valley.The Birch leaves were in full effect,with every shade of yellow on display

The temp just kept rising and in the end it was 20c as we strolled down the valley,the only blight was the helicopters flying up the valley

I think these two peaks are Sinničohkka and Duolbagorni,they dominated the view behind us 

Sadly the path was wide and well defined along this valley,due to it being the main route into the Kebnekaise fjallstation and the mountain of the same name above it 

The small harbour and views back down Láddjujávri towards the previous nights camp spot 

With a bus to catch in the morning we found a lovely spot we all could squeeze onto, right on the river bank of the Láddjujohka

The evening was lovely as i thought of the previous weeks walk and its sad end....

Mr Hollands Trailstar on  the banks of the river

Unbelievably we were treated to another night of the "Aurora Borealis"

If anything this last nights show was the best of the trip,i wish id had a better camera...check out Matt Hollands blog...he caught a stunning shot of the Northern lights reflected in the river 

I was up early and watched as a large stag crossed the river below our camp

And there it was,after a few hours walking we were at Nikkaluokta and our bus pick-up point for the ride back to Kiruna 

There was a very nice restaurant,that our friends Geoff and Chrissie had told us about,so we thought we would check it out.
It was very good and rather a lot of breakfast and coffee was consumed 

Once back in our hostel we showered and had a walk around the town,before returning here again for our tea 

It was a stunning trip and im so glad i listened to those who told me i should go see these stunning far North lands.
 In total we walked 134 miles with an ascent total of 25,335 ft.We were lucky to get some good weather and blessed to see the Northern lights on nearly every night ...sorry for the very long delay in finishing of this,now old, trip report