Thursday, 11 August 2016

Langdale circuit for two nights

 A few weeks ago i met Daron linney,as he was leaving his camp and i was doing a day walk,we agreed to do a walk together and a few weeks later we met up

 We met up at 9 am at Chapel stile and followed the old slate tracks then footpath up onto Lingmoor fell it was already warm,the colour and smell of the heather was fantastic,the langdales showed themselves off under blue skies

After lingmoor we crossed over Blisco and Cold pikes summits ending the hot day camped on Little stand summit,i had done a video clip of camp,but the card had an error ? Anyway it looked like we would get a great sunset but cloud then a shower put paid to that sadly 

 But the dawn was a real cracker,it had cleared briefly at 11 pm and i tried a few Pics off the Gopro but there were still clouds about,luckily Daron woke at 1 am and he got a belting shot off,ive left them too the end of this blog

 Harter fell had some lovely dawn glow on it too

 Daron and his trusty side kick Max,checking out the Scafell group

 We had a late breakfast to give Lee taylor a chance to get up to us,so we met him at 8-30 on top of the first Crinkle .....since i started to use viewranger and social hiking ive enjoyed looking at the different stats and info avialable...being late to join its taken me a while to catch up but this walk took me to the small group of 3 ! who have clocked up over 2000 peaks using the two Apps 
  After the Crinkles we took in Bowefell then down and around to Rosset pike then over the various Langdale pikes to camp just off Codale head

 The forcast was for big winds Saturday evening into sunday and we noticed the wind as the day went on,not long after camp say 7 ish it came in wet and windy.winds were a near constant 30 mph with gusts over 60 mph at times it wasnt till after 3 am that they dropped enough to get some proper sleep

 Dawn saw us all still attached to the mountain,even if Darron had a snapped guy line and his pole blow out twice

We all just had a few brew and a ceral bar as we finished the walk with a few windy miles and a breakfast in Brambles cafe above the shop in Chapel Stile

     This is Darrons pic taken about 1-30 am hes caught the Milky way  very well

        The above and below pics were both taken off my Gopro camera !

                          Here is a copy of the map and a link to the gpx

                                 I did a video too but i dont like it,maybe you will ?

                                   Thanks all for looking,safe travels peter

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