Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Far Eastern fells

We both had a bit to do this wknd,so we decided to meet up late on Saturday,with the Fred Whitton on starting at Grasmere, we met up on the A6 and were off for 4 pm

These fells are normally wet from the start off, but like much of the Lakes,these last few weeks, but were dry underfoot. I arrived with dry feet at camp and back at the car the same on Sunday

There was a cold East wind blowing with dull grey skies when we set off, but an hour or so later and the sun was shining out of a blue sky. The wall on Great Yarlside was a superb wind break so it would have been rude not to camp behind it 

I'd recently been using a chair kit on my matt, but always inside my shelter...the evening was stunning so we moved to the wall for tea and having a crack,the chair kits were fantastic and made a very comfy evening 

It was a lovely evening but the temp dropped sharply as we lost the last of the sun, not a great sunset but gave some nice light afterwards

One thing i did notice is that the running water is a bit harder to find,with all this dry weather,after much searching we did find a trickle but it was a slow trickle

The last time i can remember it raining properly in the Lakes was when i met up with 3 lads from the Trek-lite page,luckliy they went home the next day and it dried up as they headed home 😀😀

The moon was out so the stars were a bit hard to spot.The cold wind had been staying inside the Trailstar instead of taking pics

The next morning dawned dry and bright but the wind still had a real bite to it 

I had my first brew and then nipped out to take some snaps, even with some nice Black rock down mitts on/off the wind had fingers aching rather quickly 

I like these gentle fells, not overly big but on the plus side we never saw a soul 

I didn't take any more pics and it was only a shortish walk out, we were lucky to catch sight of a small group of 6-8 Red deer as we wandered over a few random peaks

        Thanks for looking and safe travels Peter and Oscar dog

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