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So 2017 saw my first wild camp on the wknd of Jan 7/8 th ,with Lee and Oscar, which saw us walk from Kentmere out along the tops too High Riase,then double back a bit to camp on Kidsty pike summit

MLD Supermid 

The 2nd camp came on Jan 14/15 th ,with Lee and Oscar, we walked form Grasmere over the tops but a change in weather had us camp low down on near Dow bank 

MLD Supermid

The 3 rd didnt come till March 25/26 th,with Oscar i went  from Torver over the tops to Grey Friar, returning the same way 

The 4 th and 5 th nites followed the next wknd the 1/2 April with a trip in the Langdales, with Oscar

The 6 th nite came straight after my family holiday to Florida,so was a jet lagged walk unto Yoke with Oscar and Lee

Using the long wknd of 1 st of May saw me,Lee And Oscar do a nice 2 nite 3 day walk around Coniston Lake,taking us to 9 nites out 

The 6th of May saw the 3 of us over on the Shap fells for the night,along with some deer and a pair of hunting Tawny owls 

On to the 19 th of May and a wild camp over on the Langdales with Lee and Oscar on a very wet wknd 

The 25 th of May saw us up on the Fannichs but a reported severe weather warning saw us change our plans after the 2 nd nite..annoyingly didnt arrive, but not before we nearly melted in the 27c valley walk in !

To try and save the wknd we decided to call in on the Cairngorms on the way home.What a difference to a few days before,we set off in full rain gear and gloves brrrr.Sadly Lee and Oscar didnt get any views from Macdui but after camp we got treated to a beauty of an inversion 

The 23rd of June saw me in Wasdale for 2 nights to meet with some lads of Trek lite, wisely most of them didnt bother with going high friday

Fridays walk up was very wet, camped at the col below Haycock

Meeting up of the Trek-Lite members,on Kirk fell 

Eight of July saw me on my 16 th night on top of Red Screes with Lee and Oscar 

I met up with Darron and Lee for a walk on 15th July for a walk up from Hartsop,had a very windy camp of swirling 50 mph winds but the MLD goodness just shook it all off

The Howgills with Oscar and Lee for 2 nights came on the 4th August  

The 2 nd nite a lad of Trek lite met us for the night @343GuiltySparc,a nice evening it was too,but windy

The Best trip ive ever done, up there with TMB in 1997 and my week in Knoydart in 2015,was to the Artic circle in Northern Sweden with Lee and Matt Holland.We followed a route that we had made up and were treated Northern lights on 5 of the 8 nights out ! Nights 20-27 of the year 

The 23 rd September saw me with lee on a very wet walk along the central fells 

Seventh of Oct saw me on the Shap fells again, Lee and Oscar 

Nov 4th sees me on the Fairfield hills and the Seasons first snow fall,but with great regret only me and Lee, no more Oscar dog on the hills 

As the year rolls towards the end 11th Nov saw me and Lee on the Kentmere fells,me minus my sleeping matt !

Which leaves us with my last wild camp of the year (may just add one more yet :) this time i met Darron who was out 2 nites but i could only fit one in,the Langdales 

It was a windy day and and a very windy night but luckily the Hilly tent survived it ! ;)

So very sadly this will have been Oscars last years of wild camping and mountain walking, severe arthritus has taken a very quick holds he can only do 30 mins and two 10 minute walks, and that with 4 Tramadol and 6 Paladale tablets.Hes had a very good hill life and prob had more adventures then all of his brothers,in his litter

With a big trip to Sweden and Oscar retiring earlier, than i thought, ive not had  a bad, i have managed 32 nights out wild camping and a few more day walks in-between.Another blow to the year was the news that sadly Social hiking has decided he has to shut the site down,its been really interesting and helpful having somewhere to log all my info and walks,be great if someone else could take it over and carry it on ?

Thanks for looking and Safe travel to all those i know ...... Peter

Edit  Sneaked in one last wild camp

On the 27th i met up with Lee and we had a night between Garburn pass and Yoke summit 

Thanks for looking

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