Thursday, 31 December 2020

Last wild camp,Cauldale moor Dec 2020

               The forcast looked good so i drew up a quick plan for one last camp of the "Crazy year"

The forcast did say fresh northerly winds till later so we wondered up the valley from Limefitt park,bagging the Tongue for my brother on the way past

Like its twin East of here both these valleys always seem longer than the map tells you 

As i thought would be the case,once we got to the col at Threshthwaite Mouth the wind increased, it was a slow climb with winds blowing at 25 mph and a few nasty gusts too 53 mph giving a W.C of -12c 

Micro spikes were deployed as the ground firmed up with all the ground underfoot now frozen or white 

   In another life my brother was a morf 😙 his face mask protecting his face from the stinging wind  

After an hour or so the wind died off as we strolled out to get Hartsop Dodd,then doubling back to regain Stony Cove Pike

                         The cloud then lifted some more and with the sun lowering the views just got better

Mind full that the wind might return we dropped down from the sumit to 2200 ft and took a chance on camping on the path itself 

As is always the case as the sun lowered so did the temp....i only notice -4c but it may have been a litter colder but not much i dont think 

Camp set up and brews drunk we had a walk around as our teas warmed us inside our jackets,as they rehydrated fully 

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Dawn was very colour full but didnt actualy involve us seeing the sun itself 

                                                                         Red screes

                                              St Ravens edge 

The skies and views were superb as we headed over St Ravens Edge then made our way over too bag Baystones

Some stunning views to finish of this years last walk and wild camp as we sadly have now had to enter Tier 4,here in Cumbria

               So safe travels to you all, heres to a better 2021