Wednesday, 28 April 2021

Duomid wild camp on Great End,Lake district April 21

So last year my brother started to come out on the fells with me,he soon took to wild camping but the last time we both got out was just before christmas,so it was good to get back out 

We met in Langdale and were away up the valley for a little before 8 am,the Mickleden Beck was low but the pools were still able to show some of there great colours 


At the end of this beautiful valley we left the few other folk behind as we started up Stakes pass,as they carried on for Rosset gill and id guess Scafell pike 

At the top of the CW we left the main path and headed round the head of the valley to bag Rosset Pike,from there we met more folk as we all made our way up to Esk hause.....on the way we went up to Allen crags summit

Not long after leaving Esk hause we collected 4 litres of water each and made our way slowly up to the summit of Great End summit

The new ,to me, Oookworks inner fit my Duomid a treat 

It was warm out of the slight breeze as we brewed up and watched the folk heading to and from Scafell was nice to brew up and enjoy the views and warmth

Great End summit from the South peak

Sadly i had to rehome upto 35-50 stones back to the stoney sections,they had clearly been moved in past month or so as the grass hadnt died yet below them...i understand some folk like to use them on there tent pegs but please put them back again 

Id brought my Litesmith chair kit for my brother to tried,hes since orderd his own as Valley and Peak now stock them,these early ones are a sprightly 78g inc two carbon poles 

As the evening started to cool i could spy at least 6-7 other campers who were down enjoying the evening around Seathwaite tarn

Tea was a tasty one from LYO supplied from Basecamp foods 

The heat of the day had brought some haze but we still got some pretty good light 

The night passed away with the temp just above freezing the wind had picked up a little and it was a bit fresh out 

As the sun lite up the summit of Scafell at least one person could be seen waiting for the dawn light and warmth


The day then went grey but the peaks were free of cloud as we headed back this time going over Esk pike and Bowfell,we took the nicer route down from three tarns and passed the falls just before the valley bottom 

Ive done a video but it seems harder and harder to find any good music to put on them..this was a 50/50 choice so feel free to mute 

Thanks for looking....Safe travels Peter



  1. Hi. Great Blog. Can I ask you what Solar/Powerpack you are using (on the ground, next to your chair in the photo) and whow you rate it? I am off to the West Highland Way next week and was about to hit the button on a 26800 Pxwaxpy on Amazon which looks exactly the same.

  2. Hi,I don’t think solar is the way over here,so I take battery packs..i use teknet or anker make. I’d check and get one that accepts a faster charge,if your staying or eating anywhere I’d bang it on charge quickly experience is you only get 80 % off a battery’s size back in charge..aeroplane mode helps a lot can still track you using gps in this mode ...enjoy the walk..anything else feel free to ask travels peter

  3. Thanks for the info. I use paper maps, Viewranger and now TopoGps always with aeroplane mode. I already have a Pebble 10500 power bank which fast charges and a 10 x 20 inch folding solar panel I sometimes carry on the outside of my pack while trickle-charging the power bank. Worked very well on the TGO in 2019. I was just trying to combine the two. Thanks again.

  4. Hi Peter really good to see some fresh content on here looks like you had a great night. Camped on the same pitch a few years ago myself. Happy reading Stu I spoke to you and your brother a few weeks ago on swirl how.