Sunday, 6 June 2021

Beinn a Ghlo Munros Backpack,May 21

With all thats been going on its been a long while since ive been up to Scotland,so it was good to be back.The last time i did these peaks was Jan 1993 when we saw nothing, but slept in a huge snowhole we dug up around 800m,followed by another day of cold temps and no views...this trip was very different 

We drove up Friday late afternoon,meaning it was 9-45 pm before we left the busy road end at loch Moraig 

 We rushed upwards to get away from the farm and pitched up on the 446 spot height as the sunset.A quick hot chocolate as we got pitched,the lovely sound Curlews calling to each other as we fell asleep

Saturday gave a little low cloud and luckily some high cloud which helped keep things cooler,my brother had recently brought a drone so a few pics are from that 


Its a steep pull up the front of Carn Liath,the last time being in deep snow,we were lucky today as some high cloud kept the sun of us and a breeze at times was very welcome

It was great to get a view of this group of hills as the twisting ridges really look well together,below the view back to Carn Liath summit 

The Cairngorms were still holding a lot of snow as crossed the summit of Braigh Coire Chruinn-bhalgain.When planning out the route i was looking for high water and as luck would have it only a 100m or so from the ridge line we found a nice spring,just past this melting snow bank 

Id chosen the spot height of 1004 m on the North ridge of the this munro,to camp,and after some scouting about we found to soft spots with stunning views,an early dinner and we left camp at 2 ish for a packless (barr waterproofs and water) walk over to the 850 m col,the place i  dug out a huge snow hole for the night,many yrs ago 

We followed the path up and went out to the top Airgoid Bheinn as id not done that one,chatting with some MTB on the summit,one kindly gave us this picture he had taken of us  earlier as we set up camp

From the Top we headed north to Carn nan Gabhar,its true summit the more Northerly one,we saw the last of the day walkers here as we we walked back to the col and the final short pull up to our camp,conveniently already all set up  

We brewed away the late afternoon and had a late tea at 8 pm as the day started to cool down nicely,some clag covered us about 9 but moved on slowly as the sunset giving us some great light 

The setting sun highlighted  up Carn a Chlamain munro summit beautifully as it bathed in the  glow,on the other side of the Glen Tilt  

The phone didnt capture this "Glow " on Carn nan Gabhar  as well as it looked,it really did glow 

So Sunday started with a 3000ft descent but the ground was soft as we dropped down into into increasing tempratures...the valley at 9 am already 20c 

The Tilt river was stunning as it rolled along the valley bottom,we walked through the "Film set of a Star wars film "and then just behind the Forrest Lodge i sat in the shade for a few hours,watching two red squirrels run around the trees,my brother headed up in the blazing  sun to add Chalmain to the Munro round  he has started 

There cant be better places to wait a few hours out 

We walked down the valley too Clachghlass and recrossed the river Tilt,it was a hot slow (24c ) pull up the side of the valley,here as we made our way across the trackless valley,we found more antlers than ive seen over the  35 yrs before 

We were heading for the ruined lodge,Creag-choinnich lodge,what a stunning location 

What a cracking place to look out from,date stone was above one of the two fire places,sadly big cracks in end walls so may fall in next few yrs 

It cooled some then heated up as the cloud came and went,but it cooled of nicely into the late afternoon and we had a lovely quiet night 

Dawn on the 3rd morning gave more blue skies but with a drive home to do we were off for 6 am for the last few miles back to the car


The light just fell really well for this picture,the view through the front door and window,just adding some loneliness to the old lodge  

Loch Moriag 

After a hot drive home on busy roads it was good to get home.Maggie likes her bones and i enjoyed a big fat Angus burger for tea 

Thanks for looking and safe travels Peter



  1. Brilliant write up
    Enjoyed reading and views

  2. Brilliant write up
    Enjoyed reading and views

  3. Always enjoy reading about your adventures & viewing your photos