Sunday, 17 October 2021

Eastern fells,three nights two Trailstars Oct 2021

So the plan was hopefully to go to Scotland but the forecast wasn't the best, to drive so far,so i plotted out a route for here in the Lakes instead

With a plan in place i met up with my brother, moving to one car we drove and parked up at Hartsop,making a good deposit in the honesty box as we would be here 4 days

The route up is a good one, just following up the landcover track too Hawes water, it was surprisingly warm for October and we met a few folk as they were coming down off the hills 

The reason id chosen this area was two fold partly as my brother needed these peaks for his Wainwright round and 2nd to let him hear the stags roaring away as the rust was underway

We left the bags to go up Rest Dodd then picked them up we pulled up onto the main ridge,turning around we were treated to a great sight as the cloud was rolling in over the hills,such a great sight...ive put a short (phone video)together and I've put a link up as i can't get the video to share 

Link below to video, fingers crossed

My brother Jamie only started his backpacking journey nearly a year ago to the day, this is his first MLD shelter and i think he's impressed

  High Raise camp 

Above Jamies Trailstar and an as new Oookworks original inner, below mine the untidy camper,blatant product placement for my favourite supplier of meals,Basecamp foods 

It was a windy night with some rain showers passing through,but laid back in the warm you could still hear the stags between the blasts of wind and rain

From High Raise where we slept last night we walked in mist that thinned out Northwards collecting some peaks, till we got  to Arthers pike, then after a while we dropped steeply too Howtown 

The rain came on at 12 o'clock as we approached the church so we hid the packs,as we donned waterproofs, and nipped up Hallin fell 

The rain now stayed for the rest of the day as we crossed the valley then made a slow plod up onto the back of Place fell, choosing the Birkitt summit of High Dodd 501m to camp on

The evening rain petered away and we got to hear the stags again, the next day finally dawned bringing a change to the weather and it continued on into a lovely day for tramping along

Brews were drunk as we allowed the dry breeze to dry off our wet waterproofs


     Place fell summit 

        The deer bungalow 

Have i said how tasty these are ? i got mine from Basecampfood

So todays tramp out took us over Place fell, then out to Beda fell, before returning to Angle tarn pikes, the stags were roaring the sun was nearly out and after a stroll out to Brock crags we set up camp about 500m West of the summit 

What a view from a Trailstar door ....another Trailstar :)

It got quite windy at camp,and just over the way were about 35-40 deer and stags roaring away all night and still at it in the morning, i still managed to get a few night shots, high clouds didn't help either

So our third morning started out nice again and after a quick brew we packed up,before the short stroll down too Hartsop. A drive too Daisys,in Ambelside,for a fry up breakfast finished our trip off 


We set off at 3 pm Friday and returned to car at 10 am Monday,it came in at 26 mile (42.72k) and 6976 ft of ascent (2127m) screen shot of route below...thanks for looking 

Safe travels Peter

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  1. That's a nice trip. I've yet to use my Trailstar in anger, I've put it up in the garden a couple of times, trying to get it set up properly. Being realistic it will be next year before it gets used properly, winter camping will be in my Akto.