Tuesday, 22 March 2022

A circuit of Seathwaite,wild camp...Mld Solomid,Duomid,Scarp 1 ..

 The forcast was good with only a fresh wind to think about,Andy Beavers and myself had never met yet so he agreed to meet me and Jamie at the Carpark,Friday morning 

Matt Holland had come over late Thursday so we aranged to meet somewhere on the ridge from Rosthwaite fell too Allan crags,it was a stunning day to be out 

Also along on her first proper backpack trip was Maggie dog,who was very well behaved,even if she lacks Oscars loyalty,in walking partners

One plan had been to camp on Great End summit again,but the wind would have made chatting hard work so we had a mooch about and found a nice shelf,near Allen cargs summit 

The first shelf wasnt big enough for all of us so Jamie and Andy pitched there Duomids there,while me,Maggie and Matt went a little higher in my Scarp1 and Matts MLD Solomid 

We had a nice sunset,but a full moon washed out the starry skies.Through the night the wind moved round some more,giving me and Matt some nice 30-45mph gusts,but Saturday started out stunning again,but the windchill was hard on finger ends,taking pictures 

Dave Miles turned up at sunset for a chat and we left him there to go and collect Seathwaite fell summit,it was another nice day but the wind was a lot stronger 

Matt left us at Styhead tarn as the 3 of us and Maggie leaned into the pull up to the col,between Great & Green Gable.Here it was near constant 40 but gusting up to 50 mph.None there seemed to notice just a move of 30 ft let us sit a coll in the calm having a bite to eat 

So in the early afternoon we headed over Base brown and the steep drop down to the farm

Ive kept this brief as i used my phone to video this time,so comments please on the video ..keep them with no music or ?

Do try and select HD and watch on a bigger screen to see the hills as good as they did look over the wknd


Maggies now collected 16 Wainwrights 

Safe travels Peter & Maggie 

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