Eastern Birketts and Wainwright collecting,MLD Duomid XL May 2022

A few emails and messages and we had arranged to meet up on the Cold fell road with my brother and James (JKM) who i know from Trek-lite 

The first peak involved less than 500 m of walking ! Swarth fell done we strolled over to Burn edge and then onto Blakely Raise....3 new peaks for me 

It was a near perfect conditions for walking around 14c and a nice breeze,the first Wainwright was Grike,the forest shown on the map has all been removed now 

We enjoyed a bite to eat on Crag hill while just soaking in the views around us,you could even see someone on a paddle board down on Ennerdale water 

We then had a nice walk around and over Iron crag before picking up lots of water for our camp,after collecting Caw fell summit we spent 20 mins searching out a nice pitch,as the wind had picked up some.We found it towards the eastern end of the Caw fell ridge and the wind died away around 7 pm ish 

 I had received my new MLD Duomid XL a few days before so it was nice to pitch it out on the hill 

Inner up and we were soon all sorted as we all enjoyed the afternoon sun,brewing and chatting away 

Jamie sat in his Trailstar 

It seemed my Duomid gave the best windbreak so i was invaded by the chair duo 

Scafells in the far distance 

In the far distance we had views all the way across the Solway firth 

This Pork and rice is one of my new favorite meals

As the sun started to colour the suprise of the trip was the superb view over the crags and down into Bleaberry Gill and beyond 

The late sun and cloud also set off and high lighted the Scafells really well i thought 

Jamies new drone caught this pic as we watched the last of the sun as it slipped behind the Galloway hills 

The evening was peaceful,but a fresh wind and 4c gave the wind a bit of bite with the windchill added on,but the grey cloudy sky was breaking up as we set off again  

The cold temp 5c less with wind gave me another chance to wear my Alpha hat and mitts,these are so light and simply work so well...thanks to the talented Alpinlite 

Lank rigg took Jamie to his 150 th Wainwright,below where we had camped 

On our way home we called in at Tates cafe in Broughton,absolutely stunning breakfast,if your over this way

                   Thanks for viewing,Safe travels Peter


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