Duo of Trailstars,Mamores Scotland.Easter 2023 Day 2 & 3

The first thing i noticed as i woke was....it was quiet....the wind had gone 😃,i reached out found my lighter and light the stove a thick frost covered the inside of my shelter as the water in my pot went from freezing too hot 

So after dressing and with brew in hand i ventured out to see the start of the new day..there was a crunch to the ground (The temp having dropped to -4c overnight) with a tiny dusting of fresh snow on the very tops

But you could clearly see it was going to be a cracking day to be in the mountains,the whole ridge from Ben Nevis along,over the Grey Corries too Stob Ban was laid out in a cold relief 

So it was a picture heavy start,with superb spring views in all directions,i put the stove on for a 2nd brew and breakfast,willing the sun to get round to my shelter,to aid with drying off the ice,on both sides of the fly, as it started to melt in the early morning sun

Trailstars either side of Ben Nevis 

So with the ice rubbed off the inside and outside of my shelter i let the breeze dry off the last drops of moisture 

Packs refilled and hoisted up, it was now time to move upwards from our camp at 2427 ft up to the summit of Binnein Mor at 3706 ft a modest 1300 ft but first we had to get on to the North ridge 

I picked out a break in the snow,nearly straight up from the snow patch on the small lochan,which looks a nice slope but the map and reality were steeper


It was a steep pull up on grass but as we rested we were given a stunning view of our camp spot below and the whole vista of mountains,that grew as we gained height 


The cloud blew in and out,teasing glimpes to the surrounding land and mountains 

The pictures say it all,up high in perfect spring conditions..patches of snow just adding to the whole beauty of the vistas infront of us,a small dusting of overnight snow,which would melt away as the day moved on 

Looking South along the ridge 



The sunny and in shade sides quite clear to see

The village of Kinloch Leven middle left and far below us 

Schiehllion,i think in the distance 

View back to Binnein Mor from Na Gruagaichean summit 4c wind 10-15 mph

Following the ups and down of the ridge we took the bypass path below Sob Coire a Chairn,as we approached the pools you could hear the croacking (or moaning !) of the Toads doing there thing 

We had a snack hid the packs then set off up and along the narrow ridge too An Garbhanach and then onto the summit top of An Gearanach,did i mention the views ?

Jamie took this picture of me and my last Munro Am Bodach,that i finished on in September 2013 

From this side its hard to believe theres a path straight down from that summit above,we were now looking for a camp that took us out of the forcasted 25-35 mph winds due in the evening and next day.So we took the bypass path on the North side of Am Bodach,hoping we might find a pitch along there some where and some water as we had run low 

We found no where to pitch but we found a beautiful spring bubbling away so we continued across the bypass then joined the other path bypassing the next summit 

But luck was on our side as shortly after traversing the path on south side of Sgurr an Lubhair we found this spot just back from the cliffs but out of the wind,even pitched at 3116 ft

And what a spot it was too,sheltered from the wind and with superb views all around us,bit of a drop for water but then we were settled a wash and a brew in the sun 

Not sure why but these pitches were both flat 

With the days end we rested weary limbs and slighly burnt faces,but about an hour before moonrise we were out again,looking more upwards at the star display above us 

As i was taken pictures id seen a small light in the distance at first wondering if it was cars parked at the ski station,but as it grew i saw it was the moon,strongly reflecting back some sunlight  



It was gone 10-30 pm before we had gone back to our shelters but i was soon asleep.I awoke to some wind outside but it looked like our spot had sheltered us,sadly it was grey and murky,but this cleared as we prepared to get packed away 

First brew on 

The temp and wind made it cold work,but i find if i pull out mid point peg points and a few other camp duties, i can use my breakfast to warm my hands,before i use it to fuel my body 

Then the wind blew away the clag and cloud and the views came and went,but by the time we were packed up it had mostly cleared out 


Sadly Am Bodach still had cloud on its summit,would i get a view on my 2nd visit to this peak ? Wind 15-35 mph temp -2c that rose to 17c when we reached the valley bottom

We dropped our packs at the crossroad of paths and headed up to Am Bodachs summit,the Three Sister peaks of Glencoe sticking out across the valleys  

No view again ! But i did catch a very brief Brocken spectre so not all bad,i walked over to the other summit,killing time on the chance it did clear

Which it obviously did once we were back down at the col

Then it was a slow stroll down the stalkers path till we hit the West Highland way path,taking us back into the village a very warm 17c now 


An excellent trip with mostly good weather and lots of great views and a few more Munros for Jamie,nice to return to my Trailstar shelter again too 

Totals came in at 34.3 k and 3451m ascent or 20.8m and 11319 ft of ascent 

Safe travels thanks for looking   Peter


  1. Cracking adventure Peter. You certainly put a full shift in mate. Thoroughly enjoyed reading it. Going to go over your archives.

  2. Looks amazing. Can you tell me what your tent/tarp set up is, looks really good? Thanks, Liz

  3. Hi Liz these are mountain laurel design shelters this model the Trailstar ..Mld only make mesh inners the one in mine is mostly solid made by Oookworks,who don’t make them anymore.


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